Lineage and Belt Rank?

Daniel Bertina.

Blue belt awarded by Mike Yanez of Team Popovitch
Purple belt awarded by Marcos Flexa Neves of Carlson Gracie


Maeda - Carlos Gracie - Carlson Gracie - Marcos Flexa - me

ok, nice

put down yours, humor me.

Chad Brown

White belt...some guy. :(

Me - Toni - Andre - Carlson - Carlos - Maeda

Me - Relson - Helio - Carlos - Maeda

Me (no rank currently)- flesh2stone- Shen - Thad Flooks (3-stripe White Belt under Doug Lipman) - Doug Lipman (2-stripe Blue Under Gene Simco) - Gene Simco - Reylson Gracie

Here comes my Hapkido lineage

Me (orange belt) - Andreh the King - Shen - Mao Woo

ATT:My master told me since i have been training hard and reguraly for 2 months (1 a week ) its time for me to test for the coveted Green belt......Cant waittt...

Probably many of you are thinking that training once a week is overtraining but thats the only way if you wanna be an elite Hapkido fighter..

Lineage: Maeda- Helio Gracie- Zordon- Red Power Ranger

Maeda-Rolls-Jacare-Luis Togno-me

me - luigi - mario

me(bluebelt certificate from kinko's)-Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu the Master Text- Grappling Magazine.

You guys are making me feel retarded for answering this thread seriously.

God-Ashida KIm-Me

Clearly shen, andre and flesh2stone have not done the one on one lessons with GRANDMASTER REYLSON and hence have not shown their true dedication to bjj and therefore will never find their inner katra and the path to real jiu-jitsu or how true bjj practioners (like me)call it JITZ.

me - Drew Howe - "Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Theory and Technique" by Renzo and Royler Gracie with Kid Peligro

me - Saulo's BJJ Revolution - Mario Sperry's masters series - Bolo's entire set - Gracie in Action II

jesus. forget I asked.

Me, Danielson, Mr. Miyagi, Mr. Miyagi's father, and so on..


It wouldn't have happened had you not mentioned Mike Yanez.


(Sorry Mike)