Lineage and Belt Rank?

I have a fever, a massive headache and a sore throat. so my ability to see irony is severely limited.

Mike Yanez is a good friend and an awesome brazilian jiu jitsu instructor.

me-Frank Dux-Shidoshi Takanakadingdong

Well, I didn't actually train WITH him. We did some e-training over email and I had to borrow the book from the library. Once I memorized the moves, I emailed him, and now I'm a black belt.


congrats on the BB Kbhat.

Long overdue!



S.Mac has everyone beaten.


The lineage really means jack. Most of us will train with a variety of people of a variety of 'lineage' over our time.

As long as your technique is good (and you can prove it) what does it matter?


me - wong fei hong

but ny aura wasn't powerful enough to complete the training for the no shadow kick. so i switched over to a purely physical style.

me - tongpo

he was a champion for a long time beating many foreign fiighters that were brave enough to challenge him. I thought he was an honourable man but after he made mylee bleed he was challenged by another foreigner. After he was beaten soundly I changed schools:

me - nat soo khao - ciyan

Thanks, Tim. Congrats also on the new baby.

I realized I was ready to go to black for the following reasons:

  • I have maximized my learning experience as a purple belt. This is evidenced by the fact that I am have tapped numerous blue belts and even more white belts. Black belt.

  • Black belts often use me as an uke. Clearly they feel I am on their level. The language barrier is clearly an issue, but I've heard them mutter something about viado after we've sparred. A Brazilian man at the Man Hole on North Halsted told me it's a good thing. Black belt.

  • Black belts get more play. I've gotten play in the last year. Black belt.

  • Sure I'm not a world champion, but I really love the sport and I need to make a buck. I haven't competed in a few years, but maybe if a promoter pays me my asking price, I'd consider offers. Remember, I need to be compensated for the time I take to train myself, neglect my afterwork activities, neglect my social life, etc. Black belt.

  • Training up to the standards of my teachers (whose lineage can be traced easily) was frankly just too much. I rent, but I could have a mortgage as soon as condo prices come down a bit in Chicago. I also will have to pay assessments, property taxes, etc. I can't do that and train properly for my black belt. There are financial concerns here I have to consider. Also, I'm really getting into a few reality shows on Bravo and A&E. I have things to do. I can't be a gym rat. Black belt.

  • Have created new positions, like the double wrist lock overhook (Kimura from under cross side), the arm-in leg choke (triangle), and the double grab carotid blocker (cross choke). I plan to create and market DVD's centered on these and other basic positions in the near future. Black belt.

Kbhat... I need a seminar! I now realize that my training has been completely misguided! I could not check ANY of the aforementioned requirements...

For me, I have competed and lost numerous times as a purple belt, so I think the blue is coming back on! Perhaps with your strategies I can correct my decent.

Please let me know when we can do a private.

Your grateful student.

Remember, it's not important to compete as long as you can make numerous DVD's on material that's been done to death. Also, it helps to come up with catchy names for old positions.

Catchy names.... I am not original, but here are some that touch my heart every time I hear them:

  1. Klomanator/Total Klomanation
  2. McNasty
  3. Paper cutter choke.

If only I could be the creator of such fine names for submissions/positions.


I was joking about Mike Yanez. I know him from way back.


Hosers check these out: flying gogo heel hook. plata kneebar roller. sankaku mata reversal w/optional ankle lock. These are but a few of many that I have invented and yes an instructional is currently in production in the San Fernando Valley.


Roll with the Flow even threw in some judo jargon... Extra Puntos parra EL! Bem!

Send me a copy S-A!

Brad Hatcher 9 yrs under Rickson and 3 yrs under Luiz Palhares, Liuz is Under Rickson. Luiz is 2,500 miles closer and easy to train with.

Luiz is my brother and teacher!! Much Love!!

I got my blue belt from robert atalla and marcos flexa, but i would like to thank the internet and dvds for my skills.

LOL at Dutchman and Brad Hatcher storming in like the NSA at Wacco.