Linear Pressure


Had a great workout last night doing BMF isolations in HIGH GEAR against the shove, haymaker, tackle and various combinations.

We were emphasizing several consecutive primal and protective SPEAR's in all the evolutions and then converting to a tactical SPEAR or CQF tool. It was amazing to see how well everyone was doing. The SPEAR System is absolutley mind-boggling in terms of the speed of assimilation!

I did have a question, however. As the speed and intensity picked up, the 'happy feet' phenomenon seemed to kick in very strongly. In other words, it seems to be very common for people to 'dance' in place instead of making that transition to linear pressure. I understand that there are 3D elements to this, but do you have some immediate suggestions as to additional drills to emphasize the footwork conversion?


Two immedite corrective measures:

1. Isolate the problem and create a BMF for that exact moment Eric, introduce PENALTY for Happy Feet...not malicious (because you know what the drill is) but tactical penalty from the 'what if' realm, this should be disssected through ECT's & timeline exploration.

2. Refer back to the SPEAR Instructor tape: review the ADHERE evolutions.

Those two drills should solve 'happy feet'




Thanks very much! We went right into the adhere drills because that was my thinking. That went a long way towards isolating and helping to correct the problem. I will explore some of the BMF implications in the next session.

I appreciate the input!