Lineker manager assures fans about weight

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                                Lineker manager assures fans about weight

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                    <p>John Lineker made his UFC featherweight debut at UFC on FOX 3, and made 127, rather than the required 126. Lineker made weight the next two fights (and won them), but then came in at 129 at UFC 163. His next fight, at UFC Fight Night 30, he did a little, better only weighing in at 128. His next fight, at UFC 169, he missed weight, but made on the second try. He made weight at UFN 45, and for Saturday&#39;s UFN 55, he weighed in less than a pound over, and made weight on the second try.</p>

While at first glance that looks like a fighter in danger of being forced to go up a division, it actually shows improvement - Lineker has made weight the last three fights, a vast improvement over the previous five fights, when three of them were contested at a catchweight. Plus Lineker has won Fight of the Night performance bonuses twice.

Lineker's manager Alex Davis spoke with John Morgan for MMAJunkie and explained that fans and management need not be concerned about the fighter's, even if it is for a title shot where there is no 1-lb exception.

“It was still an error, and we’d like to apologize to Ian,” said Davis. “But it’s not an issue. He doesn’t have a weight issue anymore. It’s unfortunate. We actually thought he was going to come in underweight.”

“When he went back there, it took him 10 minutes to make weight. He pissed once and spit a few times, and he was on weight. He didn’t even have to work out or anything.”

“He weighed in this morning on the official scale, and he was 127 pounds. He was fine. He went up to his room and starting using his own scale because the official scale went to the arena. He was actually under his target weight at that time, so he relaxed. He wasn’t worried about anything anymore.”

“He was 125.5 in his last fight in New Jersey, and he didn’t even have to try very hard. I’m telling you, we don’t have an issue in weight. Today was just a very unfortunate situation.”

“He’s a kid; he doesn’t worry. He just said he’s going to beat the s--- out of Ian.”

Lineker did however have to endure an amused McCall sipping long on some refreshing coconut water, before the Brazilian had to go back the locker to pee and spit.

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Lineker's manager

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GenkiSudoTT_FawkinxD - Maybe he meant Theres no wait problem, like waiting ? Phone Post 3.0

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Have any of you been so thirsty that it drove you mad?
I have from cutting weight before wrestling and boxing when I was younger....but the worst was after scuba diving and there was nothing to drink for hours and hours of the coast of socal....It was so bad....Panic mode!!!

I know this is different , but just knowing what it's like puts it in perspective.
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