Lineup for EC 60 in Minneapolis

Here is the lineup for Extreme Challenge 60, scheduled for Friday, Nov. 12, at the Medina Entertainment Center in Medina, Minn.

Doors open at 7:30 p.m. with the first bout at 8:30 p.m. Tickets are available by calling the Medina Box Office at (763) 478-6661 or Minnesota Combat Arts at (651) 336-2777.

Below is the final lineup...

Trevor Garrett vs. Dave Menne

Lee King vs. Sean Sherk

Jake Short vs. Roger Huerta

Tyrone Roberts vs. Daryl Guthmiller

Reed Wismer vs. Mike Belker

Chris Fontaine vs. Ron Fields

Vern Jefferson vs. Joe Jordan

Clay Guida vs. Randy Hauer

Jamison Maddox vs. Ryan Antle


Looks good, good luck with your event.

whats going on with Verne Clarke

Might have to make the trip up, Sherk, Warfield, Fields and Guthmiller all peak my interest.

Clark is actually training and will be fighting in the upcoming TKO event.

who sanctions these fights? I no minnasota has no state commission. Is this like a glorified smoker or does somebody actully sanction these fights?

Hey monte who do I contact to get Tickets... or will Nick and Jeff know where to go this Friday before XKK ?

I dont go to crazy on how I spell or write. Back in the day my choice was pussy over computers or internet geek shit! get my drift! Im all that clown

Why would you care NAA would you like to fight in MN?

No just wondering about the sanctioning in mn?

Were sanctioned by the Show up and fight Athletic Commision!


LoL krull has no idea abt that comission... hes never done any of the above

Nice card Monte (as usual!!!)

NAA is a DOUCHE BAG!!! Haven't seen him on here since before his no show at the XKK.

TTT for the EC

For tickets, call Menne at the number above (Minnesota Combat Arts).

Although there is no commission, we do things as if there was... all fighters get physicals before they fight and weight difference is not more than 10 pounds... we have rule meetings ect... It's not exactly our first rodeo...LOL

Promoter on a bull would be fun though.

ttt for a great about The Coroner vs. The Fearless Goat as the main event???? Set it up Monte....Just Kidding!

Commissions are for communists.

Monte tell Verne Daren and the Island crew say wassuupp.HOw is his training going