Lineup for KOTC's

I don't want to rip on anyone's site... in fact, I think KOTC has had a major overhaul on their site... HOWEVER, I can't find the actual fights on any of the upcoming events.

Am I missing something? Do they list the fights that are booked somewhere and I didn't find them?

"I will be fighting Thomas Denny March 20th in California... "

who else is on that card, have you heard yet?

Ray, Krazy Mike here. What happen to the re-match with James Fashiner for the title with Denny?

Feb 4 show in Australia:

James Fanshier vs. Luke Picklum, Tony "Gun" Bonello vs. Edwin Aguilar, Brad Morris vs. Mick Cuttajar, Mal Foki vs. Tama Tehuna, James Tehuna vs. Matt Knight,Andrew Gorton vs. Kym Robinson, Sasha Nanchuki vs. Graham Johnston, George Sotiropoulos vs. Brandon Bell

Feb 5 show in Nex Mexico:

Not much has been announced. Charles Bennett is fighting as is Ruben Villareal.

Feb 25 in Cleveland:

Joey Villasenor vs Brandon Sequin, Eric Esch vs Dan Severn, Charles Bennett vs Forrest Petz, Dan Bobish vs Ruben Villareal, Buddy CLinton vs Angelo Popofski, Jeff Cox vs Thiago Alves,


What about Keigo Kunihara and Seth Petruzelli?  Are they still fighting with KOTC? 

im fighting warpath on the 5th in new mexico