Lineup for Vut's March 26 show

Hopefully most of these will hold together.

Main Event
Bryce Krause vs Fabian Zuniga

Their first fight was a war, this one should be just as good.

Amir Rahnavardi vs Aram Keledjian

Good to see Amir back, does anyone know if he already competed in that charity MMA event in the Midwest?

Romie Adanza vs Antonio De La Cruz
Kevin Ekyothin vs Prudencio Portillo
Peter Palacios vs Eric Sandhal
Tina Zakaryan vs Christina Martin

I believe forum member Scooby trains with Christi Martin. Hopefully this match will hold up as I'd really like to see this one.

Jeremy Williams vs Lawson Baker
Josh Aragon vs Eric Eutsch
David Peneula vs Tim Holcombe
Jedd Lara vs Javier Soriano
Gil Carmona vs Arthur Wong
Mark Beecher vs David Kellog

Always good to see 'The Hyena' on the card!

Can't wait to go and see it. ttt for the Hyena!!!

Yeah, go, Hyena!!!

(Email me, you jackass...:) )


Hey JulieK,

You go up to WI and come back with a "Draw"!!!! WTF.
You got another fight at the end of this month down in Evansville?

Hey send me a e-mail Jules.

Dave Rogers

Eric Eutsch by KO!

I'll try to get some sparring in with him this weekend hopefully. If I can get down there.

Yeah, I know. Grrrrr... girl had some LOOOOONG-ass arms, and about nine pounds/6 inches on me. But no excuses, right? She was a classy fighter with a lot of skill and it was a really good show.

Yeah, I'll be fighting at the end of March in H&S if all goes well. Right now I'm cutting and training, trying to make weight. I emailed you just now!


(PS--Any more epic Thai Bo battles? :) )

Yeah I thought as much Julie, How much weight you got to drop for the next one?

I'll go check my mail.

(SShhh! No more about the Tai Bo stuff, OK?)

Mr Mojo.

LOL about Tai Bo...okay, okay.

I'm cutting about 6-8 pounds (I've got three weeks). I will NOT be using sorbitol, though :) The chick I'm fighting is some kind of amatuer boxer/judo player whose done some Toughwoman contests...should be interesting.

Sorry about getting off topic about the Vut show...go Hyena! let's see another KO in 1:37!!!!!!


Sorbitol, yuck-yuck.

Now that was funny.

Go Hyena! Go BoxingWorks!

Mr. Mojo

Amir Rhadnivardi and Nick Rondinelli from Team Rutten and Team Tompkins in California and Canada are the best.... Great for Vut to get these guys. They are the shit...

It is gearing up to be one of the best cards yet in Southern California! Call it amateur but a lot of these guys are what professionalism is all about!!!