linking minimum wage to inflation?

I was listening to the radio the other day. I heard a brief news headline that said their is a proposal to increase the minimum wage to $11/hr, and then have it tied to inflation.

That got me thinking.

Right now the Fed is printing money out of thin air. That's an inflationary policy. But there is no inflation right now. as I understand it, that's because the Fed is ALSO buying up bonds, and that's keeping the inflation in check. FOR NOW.

I'm thinking that the Fed is doing everything they can to eliminate inflation while Obama is in office. Come 2016 presumably a Republican will get elected President. I'm thinking that when that happens then the Fed will STOP buying bonds, raise interest rates, and let the inflation train run.

And since the minimum wage will be tied to inflation, then that will make for monthly, maybe even weekly increases in the minimum wage.

And THAT will pressure businesses and bring around the collapse people keep talking about.

Thoughts? Other than "Buy canned food & ammo."

minimum wage in canada is around 11, and it hasn't collapsed yet, nor has inflation jumped.

There is no inflation because there is no velocity of money. The money is used to buy shitty assets from the banks and then the banks just sit on the money or buy stocks (which is why the DOW is breaking records). If all that newly printed money makes it to main street you will see inflation, but so far nope. All that money goes to the elites.