LinMartialArts win Gold @ NoGi World Championships

Congratulations to everyone from Lin Martial Arts for our team performance at the 2009 No-Gi World Championships. Three members from Toronto, and one from BC travelled to Long Beach, California to compete at the NoGi World Championships held on Nov 8th, 2009. With only four competitors, we took home three medals.

Emilio killed it in his division, submitting everyone until the finals where he won a close battle to end up with Gold in the Blue belt division. He also competed in the Absolute, submitting everyone until being edged out in a very close match to the eventual winner, who outweighed him by 20 lbs. The match was 2-2, 1 advantage each. Emilio gave the Absolute Champion his hardest fight as was the only one not submitted by him in the Absolutes. Emilio submitted 5 opponents that day. Ahmad also killed it in is division, submitting his way to the finals and ending up with Silver in the Men's Purple division. Matt (from BC) guillotined his first opponent in the Men's Purple division, then got DQed in his second match for just being too dangerous. With no opposition, I went unchallenged for Gold in the Sr. Men's Black Belt division. Despite the lack of competition, my preparation leading up to this event was full of many difficult hurdles, which made even getting to this tournament a big accomplishment for me (if you've been training with me, you'll know what I'm talking about, but for all others, it's a private matter, so please don't ask or focus on this).

Lin Martial Arts would like to thank it's sponsors who helped these four athletes compete and win at the highest level in No-Gi BJJ:

- Everyone at Lin Martial Arts, truly an amazing team! Thanks for your support, camaraderie, and training.
- Rich, Bolo and the students at Pound4Pound MMA
- MMA Depot, thanks for the the gear
- York Central Hospital

Lin Martial Arts/BTT-Canada
MMA - BJJ - Muay Thai : Markham, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, North York, Toronto

Congratulations, guys, impressive results!


Congrats, great work by everyone at Lin Martial Arts.