Linux / Evolution Mail Experts - PLEASE HELP!!!

So here's the situation:

I'm trying to recover a bunch of e-mail from a linux laptop that was running Evolution Mail.

I just need to be able to copy the linux equivalent of the PST/MBOX file/whatever (basically whatever file or files the emails are actually in) for the e-mail account. I just have no idea where to find it in the folder structure. The copy of evolution mail was just the one that the Ubuntu distro came with.

I can't actually open up evolution mail on the machine (long story that I'd rather not get into), so I really just need to know where the file would likely be (I DO know what the main account name was).

Finally, to preempt the most common unhelpful answers that people like to give, I'll add these two things:

1. Yes, I have Googled it, Yahooed it, and Binged it. Those efforts yielded nothing. As a favor to a fellow forum member, please do not reply to this thread with a suggestion that I visit a search engine to find my answer.

2. No, I haven't asked on an Ubuntu or Evolution forum yet, but I guess I will if I come up short here!

Thanks in advance! :-)

~/.evolution/mail/local ?

I never used evolution mail but it sounds like an email client. Which would imply that it connects via POP, IMAP, or to an exchange server. Depending on which and how the local setting are configured, it may not keep local copies of the email.

What type of connection were you using?

gitbox -- I'll try that! Thanks!

Bartos, it used IMAP and definitely stored e-mail locally.

Why not just connect to the IMAP server and recover them that way?

^^^because the option in evolution was chosen to not leave them on the server.

Allow me to provide the responses I usually find when researching open source/Java/Linux:

2. Why are you using Linux / Evolution. everyone knows that there are better options out there. you should pursue those but I won't tell you those options because you shouldn't get paid for me to do your job.
3. Did you properly inherhit your bases class and use the factory provider listener interface class? Did you understand what this is? No? then RTFM.
4. You should face the fact that some people are not smart enough to use Linux / Evolution. You should look for a different job.

Sorry, I just had to vent.

EDIT: KP, my original response was more defensive than warranted. I just reread your post and realized that you weren't insulting me, but rather parodying the sort of non-helpful hostile stuff you hear on most linux forums. Sorry to get defensive!

This is, btw, not for work.