LInux Laptop

What is a good recommendation for a laptop that I can put Ubuntu on? Looking for no/few driver issues, works with wireless, etc

Both older and newer/high end recommendations are welcome - I'm not sure of my budget.


any of the Dell Laptops should be good imho...

Asus eee has it's own little eeeubuntu version out.

It comes loaded with a version of Xandros stock.

The new model is just coming out with the bigger screen and soon new Atom cpu.

Dell certifies their laptops with Ubuntu I believe.

For that reason, I would just get the Dell - avoiding completely one of the downsides of Linux which is poor driver support.

I had latitude 620 at my previous gig and ubuntu worked with only ONE minor issue. The broadcom wireless was a restricted driver (not open source) With older version of ubuntu I guess this was a PITA to get working, but with the restricted driver manager now available I just plugged in a cisco card and dloaded the driver. Worked like a charm.

 Slackware 12 works pretty well on my acer. Needed the madwifi drivers for wireless, other than that small tweaks. ;-)

 If you're going to install Ubuntu, I'd suggest the newest beta 8.04. I've seen several hda_Intel sound card problems corrected just by going to the new beta version.

Thanks all. I've had ubuntu on an Acer travelmate before, and it went mostly well (only had to tweak it a bit). I'm intrigued by the Dell laptops, and I'd like to buy one just to support a company using linux. However, I've heard (and I should verify) that the same laptop from dell is cheaper with Vista (WTF). Now, if that is the case, I could buy it and then install ubuntu and get drivers from dell, but that doesn't support Linux like buying it.
I'm not sure if the cheap part of me outweighs the open source part of me.