Linx 2 Kimbo-Gannon Fight illegal?

I put up a thread with a link to the fight, now it's gone. Are free links to the Kimbo-Gannon fight illegal? If so, WHY?

Matt from whoopass is making the video free on his site. It shouldn't have been removed.




Post the link again right here.


Gannon dropped Kimbo at one point. Wow, Gannon is a warrior, props to him.

The fight looks different when you are watching this bad quality clip.

someone put up a high quality one :)

so did anyone ever produce the copy of the rules they agreed on? were they even written down?

they apparantly were written down, but no one knew what they were, necessarily lol

inf...damn straight

There is a better clip that this?

What a fight, Kimbo is laid out on the floor, and he still gets up and Gannon is right back on top of him. LOL at all the dudes rushing in when Gannon goes for the choke, especially the Rasta dude in the leather jacket. Why would the BPD get all pissed at this? You know what those boys are saying behind closed doors, but they will never admit it publicly. Good fight, and fuck