Lió Rush retires

Sustained an injury at DON and retires

Is any of that english

Well he was promoting something as his last match ever very recently, then does some Bloodsport, NJPW, shows up in AEW, now this.

He seemed like a real head case from the reports when he ended up on the outs with WWE, and I was surprised AEW brought him in when it’s still such a new, learning company trying to build a culture. He was only on a handshake deal with Khan anyway so, we’ll see how it goes. I doubt we’ve seen the last of him in wrestling.

AEW was stupid to bring him in anyway.

He is annoying and reminds me of Scrappy Doo.

Drama queen.

Ive never seen this guy wrestle but everything ive read about him,including this thread, makes me think hes a basket case

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I won’t knock him because of his mental health issues. My pops was bi polar so I get it. He also quit the challenge because it triggered his past in group homes. Said waking up on the show around strangers triggered it. Plus his wife was pregnant so he left. Wish him the best and hopefully he gets his mental health sorted out.

So he has actual mental health issues? That makes me a bit sympathetic then. I always just assumed it was diva-esque behaviors. I think he had a no sell gimmick or something on the indies, where he would act totally unphased no matter what was done to him.

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Yea he’s spoken about it. He’s had a rough child hood.

The guy is nuttier than squirrel shit. That wasn’t meant as judgement, but we all have that one wishy-washy, bipolar, unreliable friend who makes dramatic life changes based on what they had for dinner.

He’ll be back.

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Didn’t he also have a tantrum and want to quit WWE because he wasn’t making enough money only to have others explain to him how taking your wife and kids with you on the road eats up your money?

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Yep. He wanted WWE to pay his and her travel costs.

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He was a competitor on mtvs the challenge. He left early because of mental health reasons

Yea I posted about it a few posts above

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Both he and jordan Myles have mental issue. Vince may think twice about hiring AA talent as a result