LIONKILL goes4-0@ WarriorChallenge

So last night in East Durham NY we had 5 guys who got to fight on the card.
-Ya Baum wins in 1st round via armbar.This whole fight was basically the other guy fighting out of submission after submission.Although he did catch Ya with an accidently knee and bust him wide open early in the fight.
-Keith Berish moves to 3-0 on a tough fought and well earned unanimous decision over a tough and in shape Harley Beakman.
-Anthony Simmons wins in first round via Americana from mount after a takedown and total domination on ground.
-Allen Harris wins via Traingle/armbar from the back.
-And in a controversial ending Steve Edwards who was winning throught the second round gets a no decision.
Look for lots more from these tough fighters in the very near future...

Congratulations, Nolan.


who's Grimfw??

TTT for fight of the night............

AH HAH! I was wondering who might post such a thing cuz only about 3 people know about Black n Blue...

Fight of the night-Ya Baum!!! LOL!

Congrats Guys!