Lions will pimp the Packers.

Mark my words, haters.


I agree, I'm picking Detroit on this one.

Let's not get carried away guys. You beat the Cardinals, and still gave a no-name receiver a record breaking day. Favre is not Jeff Blake - and he will be pissed going into this one.

Favre has shredded the Lions & Bears in his career. I hate it as much as the next guy, but it's true.

Detroit is getting better (they had to) but Arizona is one of the worst 3 teams in football (hopefully I won't have to place the Bears in that group at the end of the year).

The Packers are going to take that opening day loss out on the Lions. It's going to be ugly.

No, I think Mariucci can keep this one close, but I'll be picking Green Bay to pull away in the fourth and win.

LOL @ your jealousy.


I think the Lions have a pretty decent shot

The Packers are just a bump in the road on the way to the SUPER BOWL for my Detroit Lions! :)

Go Lions! We picked up another CB. Alex Molden will live up to his potential.


lions will definitely win!!! the top pick in next years draft!! B-) lolol just messing with you lionhearted fans!!

How could anyone possibly hate the Lions, division rivals aside, of course.

Don't hate.

Honolulu Bluinate


Mark is correct.

It will happen! Go Lions!!!

The Lions showed their true colors today. 31-6 blowout


LOL at the lions

Looks like the pimp was the one to get slapped today!


if by Pimp you mean get their asses handed to them...good call!

*eats crow*