List All MMA News Sites Worth Visiting Here

 Topic says it all.  I'm one of those guys who savagely refreshes MMA websites all day long at work and then once I get home from work.  I'm looking to add more sites to my bookmarks so I would ask you guys to please list every site worth visiting.

Mine so far:


 haha was obvious cindy i didn't list it cause i thought everyone already knew :)

thanks for the replies everybody.

The best articles are tagged Tommy Hackett :)


 ttthank you!

 Thanks Cindy!

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my favorites present company excluded,

 Some you missed 

MMArated was better than all of them. RIP.

 ttt and thanks for all the replies

awesome sites from everyone.

new one is:

A little different with alot of respect for the UG.


caliphornia - MMArated was better than all of them. RIP.

mmarated is still there isn't it

clearly you assholes.