List MA movies you ALWAYS watch

..when they are on, nomatter what point the movie is at when you stumble accross it.

I'll start:

best of the best

rocky anything


Karate kid

Enter the Dragon, Rocky 3&4, Bloodsport, American Ninja, Vision Quest, Rush Hour, early Chuck Norris (not so much into the Viet Nam ones), early Steven Segal (didn't know any better at the time, now they're nostalgic), all the Lethal Weapon films...

any and all van damme movies
any early seagal movie
any bruce lee movie

totally forgot about american ninja and the octagon. as soon as I was old enough i enrolled myself in the nearest yamashita shorin-ryu academy!

I still have the back patch from when I was 15!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It's a shell of a good time. Shella good, in fact.

Brazilian Brawl

Rocky was a MA?

Can't believe I forgot to include Road House.

Well shit if thats the case throw in The Outsiders.

Million dollar baby, Cinderella man.

Road house rules, ong bak, american ninja 1, old boy.. ttt for memories.


The Mystery of chessboxing which is probably my favorite
Shaolin Master Killer
The Five Deadly Venoms
Beggar of no Equal
Shaolin Vs Wu-Tang

shit like that. Cant go wrong wtih any shaw brothers Kung Fu.

Bloodsport. Of course.