List of fighter knocked out .....

..OF the game via to many brutal beatdowns.
I think guy metzger belongs on that list. maybe also heath herring after the brutal liver kick he took from cro cop. also what about the guy that died recently has was like only 41. list the fighters you know who either have never fought again..or who where never the same after a brutal beating

Ken Shamrock.

Quinton Jackson.

Randy Couture?

yea randy dont belong here

what happened to amaury bitteti when he took a beat down for 1 hour at the hands of frye... I think that was david x goliath right?

I wouldn't consider his loss to Chuck Liddell a fight that sent his career down the drain.



Gary Goodridge


hong kong

As for Kerr against ....who? would you say was that fight?

Alex who?

Alan Goes.

Randy does belong on that list, and I'm the biggest nuthugger he has, next to his speedos.

Whether or not there was an eyepoke in that first fight, one beating from Chuck was all took. In the second fight he was tentative as fuck before Chuck laid him down again. Of course father time played a part in it all, but that first knockout changed him.

As for rampage it wansnt his fight with wand , It was the softening of his heart. when a man becomes a christian.who is a fighter, there will be changes like he has being going through he will come out of it.


what about the japanese fighter that fought gerard gordeau in pride? and got eye goughed for a round.

The most correct answer by far is John Lewis. Pulver made him chicken dance into retirement.

yuki naki lost an eye.


paul varlens