List of fighters UG doesn't like

Abbadi Danny

Aldana Gilbert
Alessio John
Alves Thiago
Arlovski Andrei
Baroni Phil
Belfort Vitor
Bisping Michael
Bonnar Stephan
Brown Mike

Buentello Paul
Burkman Josh
Carter Shonie
Chalangov Ansar
Christison Dan
Combs Wes
Cope Kit
Cote Patrick
Couture Randy
Cruz Marcio
Cummo Luke
Davis Marcus
Davis Rick
Dewees Edwin
Diaz Nick
Doerksen Joe
Eastman Marvin
Edwards Yves
Eilers Justin
Evans Rashad
Fickett Drew
Fioravanti Luigi
Fisher Spencer170
Fitch Jon
Florian Kenny
Forbes Jesse
Franca Hermes
Franklin Rich
Freeman Ian
Gannon Sean
Garcia Leonard
Gassaway Brian
Gonzaga Gabriel
Goulet Jonathan
Gouveia Wilson
Gracie Royce
Griffin Forrest
Grove Kendall
Guillard Melvin
Gurgel Jorge
Hallman Dennis
Hamill Matt
Haynes Josh
Herman Ed
Hieron Jay
Hinkle Branden Lee
Hoger Sam
Hominick Mark
Huerta Roger
Hughes Matt
Hutcherson Solomon
Imes Brad
Irvin James
Jackson Jeremy
Jardine Keith
Jhun Ronald
Jordan Kevin
Jordan Joe

Karalexis Alex
Kongo Cheick
Koscheck Josh
Kyle Mike
Lambert Jason
Larenas Icho
Larson Brock
Lawler Robbie
Leben Chris
Levens Justin
Liddell Chuck
Lister Dean
Loiseau David
Ludwig Duane
Lutter Travis
Lytle Chris
MacDonald Rob
Mahood Bill
Marquardt Nate
Marsh John
Martin Terry
McCarthy Charles
McGee Gan
Menne Dave
Midoux Christophe
Miller Jason
Mir Frank
Monson Jeff
Morgan Sammy
Murphy Tom
Murray Lee
Neer Josh
Newton Jeff
Nickels Mike
Ortiz Tito
Parisyan Karo
Pellegrino Kurt
Penn BJ
Perosh Anthony
Pointon Ross
Prangley Trevor
Quarry Nate
Ray Gideon
Riggs Joe
Riley Aaron
Rivera Jorge
Rizzo Pedro
Rockel Keith
Rothaermel Kristian
Sakara Alessio
Salaverry Ivan
Sanchez Diego
Santiago Jorge
Schall Kerry
Scherner Fabiano
Sell Pete
Serra Matt
Severn Dan
Shamrock Ken
Sherk Sean
Silva Assuerio
Sims Wes
Singer Rory
Sinosic Elvis
Smith Scott
Sobral Renato
Sonnen Chael
Spratt Pete
St. Pierre Georges
Starnes Kalib
Stevenson Joe
Stout Sam
Sudo Genki
Swick Mike
Sylvia Tim
Tanner Evan
Telligman Tra
Terrell David
Thompson Nick
Thomson Josh
Torres Anthony
Trigg Frank
Van Arsdale Mike
Vera Brandon
Vigneault Steve
Von Flue Jason
White Vernon
Whitehead Mike
Wiezorek Jonathan
Wiman Matt
Wisniewski Keith
Wiuff Travis

Let me know if I missed anyone :)

Its probably only a handful that most people can agree to hate on.

Sylvia, Arona are the two that come to my mind.

wtf lol? Is that every UFC fighter?

Art, I don't like 90210 guy either.

ninjas, pirates, mercenaries, vikings, aboriginies, snake charmers, rowdy farmers, underwater fighters, canadians, bear wrestlers, anyone in ecw, liu kang, tommy guns, king hippo, rough doctors, prostitutes, zangief, woody harrelson, security guards, rotweilers, jim abbot, british soldiers, waitresses, janitors, swamp thing, tara reid, stick fighters, gym coaches, etc etc assuming they fought at one point

LOL at King Hippo! I hated him the most.

King Slender, Fighter Hyabushu, king corn carn, star man

Starman ruled all.

Matt hughes is missing...

No wait, I see him

"Matt Hughes" cant believe I missed that

You forgot Sam PAi Kenpo, and Gonzonga.

How could you forget Dan Severn and Done Frye>?

Actually u did miss a lot of guys...but the UG has so much hate I don't think any single person could name them all...

Essentially you named mostly UFC guys too...I'm sure the UFC fanboys are gonna jump all over that.

Apparently no one dislikes most of the Pride/K-1 fighters. Don't forget about the Japanese love of the freak show. Akebono Vs Giant Silva anyone?

Sorry, working on the Pride fighters list.

And where's dirty Gilbert Yvel?

Pride fighters:

K-1 fighters:

HOw could you forget.....

JAMIE LEVINE ( promoter/fighter)...uh ... afew of those

CHAD something
EDDIE BRAVO ( grappler/fighter debate)
QUADROS ( fights via choreography)
QUINCY RICE (honorable mention)


Some people have a lot and i mean a lot of time on their hands

thats all :):)

One of the names on your list that stands out is St. Pierre, really hard to see how anyone could dislike him. Great person and fighter.

St. Pierre actually gets made fun of a lot on the UG cuz of his accent. I'm Canadian so it doesn't sound odd to me at all (although he really does have a thick accent).

He's an all around class act and my fav fighter...but hey the UG is all about the hate sometimes.