List of hot girls that recently hit the wall

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The Finest Of The Breed -

That ain't Kim Cattrall

This is not really fair to Kirsten Dunst because she is in character on a production set in this photo.

The role she is playing is a trashy Florida woman who works at a water park. She is supposed to look bad.

Kirsten Dunst filming scenes of her new AMC series "On Becoming a God in Central Florida"

I thought that really was Kim and he was just joking until you replied. Damn.

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Not unusual for recovering addicts to hit the food hard.

But Demi Lovato is still young, just 27. She can easily turn it around and be healthy again.

She was really into jiu-jitsu and MMA for a while, so the drive is in her. Just needs to find her feet again and get her diet in check.

Frankly, these millionaire pop stars have teams of people taking care of them, it'd be simple for her to change her lifestyle and appearance for the better.

They're the ones supplying the heroin also 

TequilaYuen -

Here's Kirsten Dunst at the Emmy Awards shortly before she was on that production set.

She gave birth a few months prior to this and you can totally tell in her tits. Real milk jugs.

now THOSE are meat bombs

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from her Instagram July 17th

She looks like she went to the plastic surgeon and was like gimmie the Jennifer Lawrence 

Know who hasn't, Kate beckinsale

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Lara Flynn Boyle

Her lips went inverted.