List of Next Gen BJJ Fighters

So fighters who have already been in the game for a while already are; BJ Penn, Shaolin, Minotauro, Filho, Nino,.......

But look at what's going to take place within the end of 2006 through 2007. Roger Gracie, Jacare, Pe de Pano, Marcio Feitosa, Saulo Ribeiro. It's going to be an interesting year !

marcelo said in his most recent interview that if the right offer was made he may fight as well. the interview is at lockflow's website

Marcelo is so humble and kind hearted, I just could not see him doing MMA. I imagine him saying "I'm sorry" everytime he hit the guy.

i agree but read the interview it will give you some insight into why he got into bjj, and why he might fight mma in the future.

I really can't see him doing it either, but i guess he might get some offers he can not refuse. I would hate to see him get crushed but it is a possibility if he fights mma.

What is it with sport BJJ guys transitioning MMA? Why? The money's not that great plus it appears to alter a person's character and not necessarily for the better! There's no longevity in it for many no matter their depth of BJJ. Why not just concentrate on something that you love vs. something that feel takes your affiliation to the "NEXT LEVEL"?

read the interview

'Rorion ever going to send his kids to the Mundials?

or Rickson?'

Well, seeing as how Kron (Rickson's son) just won the world cup and the mundials, I guess yes.

As far as Rorions 'Kids', they are in their twenties, so I suppose that is there own decision not their fathers.