List of Pro fighters on the UG....

I'll start..... WEC champion Mike Brown.

Tito Oritz used to post.

Matt Hughes used to post.

Randy Couture used to post.

Royce Gracie used to post.

Royler Gracie used to post.

They all left, lol...

Ryan Bader

Tom Lawlor

Joe Lauzon

:-) we stick around for entertainment purposes

Jon Fitch

Pat Miletich

Mike C.

Dan Henderson

Matt Brown

Rory Singer


Elvis Sinosic

Cole Miller

Thiago Alves

Vinny M.
Luke Cummo

Vinny Magalhaes

Nick Thompson

Roli Delgado

Spencer Fisher

Beau Taylor aka 'OMA'

Quincy Rice aka 'Train Judo'

Paul Buentello
Todd Duffee

I'm trying to make a list to show how awesome this forum really is, keep um coming guys! Thanks! And even bigger thanks to the pro's that stick around for true fans!!!

Shannon Ritch

Brian Warren

Gabe Ruediger

Ray Elbe

Mike Swick

 Spencer Fisher... just posted a few hours ago somewhere here

Meisha Meisha Meisha

Mike Swick  Mike Swick
natural  John Alessio
ninjaturtle2048  Cole Miller
P.Buentello  Paul Buentello
PhilBaroni  Phil Baroni
RoyceGracie  Royce Gracie
Ryan Bader  Ryan Bader
Spencer Fisher  Spencer Fisher
The Count  Michael Bisping
The Natural  Randy Couture
theOutlaw  Dan Hardy
Big Frog  Jeff Curran
boilerbrawn  Jon Fitch
croatian  Pat Miletech
DeanLister  Dean Lister
EddieBravo  Eddie Bravo
fight4real  Chris Wilson
FUTA1  Tito Ortiz
Hermes Franca  Hermes Franca
Jamie Varner  Jamie Varner
Joe Lauzon  Joe Lauzon
Joe Riggs  Joe Riggs
Joe Rogan  Joe Rogan
Josh Barnett  Josh Barnett
joshn2484  Josh Neer
kenflo  Kenny Florian
Marcus Irish Davis  Marcus Davis
MayheM  Jason Miller
Dangerous Dan Dan Henderson
The Law Matt Lindland
No Regard Matt Arroyo
No Love Rich Clementi
Shane Carwin Shane Carwin
Thiago ATT Thiago Alves

Josh Barnett but havent seen him in awhile