List of Things Men Won't Look Manly Doing

- Ride on the back of a motorcycle with your bro

- Lick an ice cream cone

- Eat a corndog

- Eat a banana

- Drink from a straw

- Apply lip balm

- Blot on a napkin after applying lip balm

- smoke a cigarette with just the index and middle finger

Buying tampoons

extending your pinky finger while drinking anything from a cup.

Sharing an umbrella with another guy

Conor gets special treatment, nothing new.

Getting pegged by your wife

Skipping in the park, holding a balloon while sucking on one of them big novelty lollipops.

I was told to stop...not manly.

Slipping on ice.

Walking a toy dog, or holding one in your fucking murse...

Playing field hockey.

Getting a mani pedi.

Wearing a fanny pack.

Wearing pastels.

Swatting away a bee

Moderating online forums

Making a thread asking why gay porn ads are showing up on his computer screen Phone Post 3.0

Rollerblading Phone Post 3.0

Sleeping Phone Post 3.0

Shaving body hair
Squatting to pee
Spending more than 3 seconds looking in mirror