List of things wrong with Dynamite

1) Venue: Way too big. Unless you were on the floor, there were no good seats. Also, you were screwed if you didnt think to bring a jacket. It was pretty cold.

2) Tickets: Almost everyone got in for free, but I pity the people who paid more than $10 for seats in the stands. They had $10, $30, and $60 seats, but the catch is that it was ALL general admission. There was no benefit to having a $60 seat over a $10 one (or a free one).

3) The opening "ceremony": It was ridiculous. The fighters looked like ants as they stood atop steps that seemed a mile away. The music was horrible and the theme was confused. Samba dancers, jackasses jumping and doing flips, DENNIS RODMAN carrying a TORCH!?!?, and random explosions that were the cause of at least 3 heart attacks.

4) The DJ: I would like to key his car. Nuff said.

5) Dennis Rodman: I have no problem with Dennis Rodman, but when you make him out to be this huge star and the centerpiece of your presentation, you just look foolish. A current Laker...ANY Laker...would have gotten a more positive response from the crowd than Dennis received.

6) The walk to the ring: took forever for the fighters to make it down those steps. There was just too much time in between fights.

7) The DJ: I would like to expire the warranties of ALL of his household products. Nuff said.

All of the above.

the fact that it was done in the states-the event would have been more "over" in Japan

everything besides manhoef/sik fight. especially the lame dj dude.

"D J HOPPA, and I gots some things to show ya rite heyah."

the main event

Also the fact that all of the fights pretty much sucked was kinda disappointing.

It's reassuring to know the Japanese have as little understanding of the American market as we do the Japanese.

"They had $10, $30, and $60 seats, but the catch is that it was ALL general admission."

lol, wtf?

The time limit on the Picket - Tokoro fight.

8) It blows up and kills the party when it's lit on fire.

dj, comentary team (ranallo is terrible), matchups, caliber of fighters for a show that big, long entrances, stupid drum periods

They need to learn about american culture before they try and do a show here again. Just my $0.02

"(ranallo is terrible)"

you have your right to your opinion but mauro is the best announcer in the sport next to quads,bas and goldie

He is knowledgeable, well spoken and is a mma fan

They must have lost a fortune.

they should stay in Japan...and that's not me being a xenophobe...they are just better off there

The best part about the show was Jimmy Lennon. That is one INCREDIBLE ring announcer.

A lot of the presentation didn't look like much live, but I'm sure it worked better for the cameras. The random explosions were funny, because they never seemed to be timed with anything and everyone ducked when they went off. But, for $10 I got a free t-shirt, a few good fights and a pretty good fireworks show, so I had a good time.

We got stuck in traffic outside and Rampage crossed in front of us. People started yelling his name, so he stopped for a few minutes. So even the traffic jam was kind of entertaining.

Lennon was awesome. He just became the best MMA announcer in the business.

i liked it,the $10.00 seats were great,loved the outdoor venue,it was the best bang for my buck i got in a long time.parked in the dmv lot as always (for free ).plus the free t shirts.yes alot of things not to like but i had a fun time with the home town feel and seeing everyone and the fireworks

watched the free show on Showtime, and my complaint was that they only showed three fights in an hour, and not one of them made it out of the first round.