List your ebay auctions here

 If you dare... lol

I figure if you don't care, and you want added attention to your items, you can list the on this thread.  This should be helpful for some sellers.

Here are the Fedor Gloves

 I have a few other auctions going as well 

And if your wondering, the reserve on the gloves is $175 which I think is very fair for 2 sparing gloves signed by fedor and baby fedor and their coaches.  You could sell them individually for $150 in my opinion and being able to get red devil fight team worn sparring gloves signed by those people would be pretty darn hard imo.

Not selling on ebay but should have some Strikeforce posters for sale if anyones interested.

new ones? if so yes indeedy

I'm sick of getting killed on eBay/PayPal's double dipping on fees. I'm really holding off on listing anything.

Right now I have a few older PRIDE USA version posters if people are interested.

what you got PT

PAGrappler-Have Fedor/Rogers but only 11x17 inch posters.

Honestly, I hate their designs and if someone wants to buy my PRIDE USA lot, make me an offer. I think I have them all except 1 or 2.

I'd have to go through them this weekend if someone was seriously interested.

71 autographed

43 autographed

71 purchased at the weigh-ins
43 purchased from


Pics of Pride USA lot?

anyone have pics of the new Strikeforce poster? Dont care if they are 11x17...still sound ok to me!!

I'm not taking pics of all of them. They are all mint. I can get a list together this weekend if someone is seriously interested in buying the WHOLE LOT together. USA versions, not the Japanese ones.

 Lots of watchers on my auctions. Also, still have a .99 bid on a mint pride 15 poster. Get it while it's hot. Believe me, don't think you won't get sniped on those items. It happend last auction. 

PA-I'll email you a picture of one.