List your favorite fighters

Ok Ron-here's a few
Sapp,Kimo,Tank,Vovchanchin,Coleman,CroCop,Fedor,Silva, Mir,Barnett,Couture,Tito, Enson and Egan(favorites from way back),Quinton Jackson,Jermaine Andre,Fujita,Andy Hug,Remy Bonjasky,Mike Tyson,David Tua,Cung Le,Alex Gong,Genki Sudo,Bas Rutten,Masi Funaki,Kosaka,Yvel, Sherk,Shonie Carter,Dennis Hallman,Matt Hume,Eric Paulson,Jimmy Ambriz,Eric Pele,Serra,Almeida,Orlovski, BJ Penn (before the Pulver fighthe slowed down since then)Marvin Eastman,Pete Spratt,pat Smith,Carlos Newton,Renzo gracie,Semmy Shilt,Matsui,Sakuraba,Shoji,Travis Fulton and most other fighters that don't have a line of decisions a mile long(even though there are a couple in that list that do)

I prefer action over technichal matches

you guys watch fights don't you?

Silva, Belfort, Sakuraba, Newton, Sudo, Couture, Rampage, Mino, Henderson, Sapp, Vernon White, Yoshida, Baroni, Fujita, Hearing, Fedor, Royce.

Sakuraba, Silva, Nogueira, Coleman, Eastman, Belfort, Couture, Gracies especially Royler and Ryan, Jackson, Mark Hunt, Sam Greco, Kostya Tzyu, others



Couture, Tito, Silva, Karo Parisyan (Gokor's my hero), Newton, Hughes, Sakuraba, Rampage, Rob & Bob from Rob and Bob's Kickboxing Academy and last but not least, Miller.

randy couture

vanderlei silva

tito ortiz

bang ludwig

yves edwards


couture silva bang yves tito baroni radach barnett sak rampage sudo nad the list goes on and on. they are not 2 of my fav fighters, but the Brown/Remedios fight was great to watch!

joel "thebabysilverback" blanton


and Rich Clementi for up and comer

sakuraba,Frank shamrock,Andy Hug,Genki,

Shonie Carter-Style and he won a UFC fight with a SPINNING BACKFIST!
Couture - Class act, tough as nails
Tito- Scariest next to Silva. I'd buy any PPV where this man is on the card
Frank Shamrock - Technical brilliance, an MMA savant.
Travis Fulton - jeez did you read that thread he wrote?!!

Sperry, V. Silva, Busta, Penn, and Sak.

Sakuraba, Wanderlei Silva, Rampage, Genki Sudo, Shaolin, Javier Vasquez, Yves Edwards, Minotauro, Bang Ludwig, Bustamante, Cro Cop, Vitor Belfort, Rumina Sato, Roy Jones Jr., Oscar De la Hoya, Michael McDonald, Arturo Gatti

Clayton Miller


Mine would be





Mark Hominick

Pain Peters

Ivan Menjivar

Joe Doerksen

Dennis Kang

Jason Black


Javi Vasquez

Remi Bonjaski

David Loiseau

Christ, I pretty much like them all.

My list should be fighters I dont like.

In no particular order:

Sakuraba, Silva, Igor V., Nog, Frank Shamrock,
Randy Couture, Funaki, Sudo, Enson, Pat Smith,
Dan Severn, Kieth Hackney, Royce Gracie.


Joe Louis, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Ray Robinson,
Cung Le, Marciano, David Tua, Oscar, Mike Tyson,
Andy Hug, Micky Ward, Jack Dempsey, Ken Buchanan,
Duk Koo Kim

Duk Koo Kim?

He's the guy that was killed in the ring by
Ray Mancini. Not super skilled, but trained like
a monster. Fought on pure heart, guts, and drive.
A lot of fighters claim "you have to kill me to
beat me," Kim did too, but in his case it was true.

Kim was supposed to be a cake walk for Mancini, but
proved to be one of his toughest fights. Mancini
was amazed by how hard Kim came on, how he appeared
unafraid, and each time he hit him, Kim just came
back for more. Now that's a fighter.

Couture, Newton, Pulver, Bustamante, Rod Nogueira (sp?), Serra, Ortiz