List your oldschool MMA stuff

remember when the UFC wasn't everywhere and you would collect the most randome mma stuff? What's in your collection?

On video I have the AL Bundy in a gi episode of married with children, Bad audio and video japanese Rickson interviews and seminars, the superbrawl infomercial, the Tank episode of Friends, and so much more.

What do you have?

Just old UFC's on VHS.

i saw the first UFC in a video store last year( on vhs) so i bought it, why not.

UFC feature on 20/20, Extreme fighters on Jerry Springer, Royce's first interview in Black Belt magazine, my UFC 7 ticket stub...

original PPV broadcast of UFC 1-6 recorded of my television.

ultimate shamrock vhs

I have some of the old free fight events on vhs, the ones w/ dick vrij bitch slapping the shit out of everyone... good stuff imo

I have (somewhere) the first 15 UFC's on VHS. I also have Battlecade's 1-3 and the WVF where Renzo and Bart Vale were "supposed" to fight.
One of my more fun items were the UWFi shows broadcast in America. Jeff Blatnik handled the commentary.
I had 2 Japanese friends in College that gave me every K1 show on tape from 95-97.
I still have a rough copy of the Japanese telecast of the first Pride on VHS. A friend from the old Mousel forums sent it to me.
I've got the original Sakuraba "Where there's a will" T-shirt and a bunch of Mark Kerr stickers that were included.
Also (somewhere) I have Quinton Jackson's phone number that he posted here probably 4-5 years ago.

Lets see...original Gracie JJ Navy sweatshirt...UFC 2 full sized poster...a bunch of posters from Shooto and Pancrase...a huge promo pack that Art Davies sent me around UFC 3 (poster, programs, all autographed, a letter from him), an old school Bad Boy BJJ t-shirt, a poster of the Extreme Challenge where Pat Miletich fought Dan Severn.

"and the WVF where Renzo and Bart Vale were "supposed" to fight. "

I think you mean the World Combat Championships (1995) where Renzo and Bart Vale competed and wgere expected to meet in the finals of this single elimination tournament. Renzo won. Bart Vale had to withdraw due to injury after his first round victory.