List your xmas presents - anything

Anyone get something good? I was hoping for a hand-me-down rifle, or at least another good knife.

But nothing. My gf wants me to make a weapons list of everything I want, so she can just pick something out she'll know I want for next year.

I know one of you bastids got a new HK 91 or something.

Boker Brend Tactical with G-10 scales. It was a present to myself.

I did get some targets, shooting glasses, ear protectors and ammo...nothing too cool though.

D. Ralph design Cuda Maxx stiletto frame lock.
It's a big folder. Titanium handles and D-2 tool
steel blade - I love it.

A couple of practical Katana Blades for some custom hardware I'm having done.

I got a Kershaw Boa for my birthday fromt the wife.