Listen to this: re: Dave Cochran

Dave Cochran is from Oregon, and re-located approx. 4 months ago to train at my gym. Before i met him his record did not tell the real story of who Dave Cochran as a fighter really is. In the past he's taken fights out of his weight class, with guys more experienced. (also Dave did not take his training seriously too) With that being said, he still managed to pull off some tough hard faught wins. Last year alone he faught 17 times!!! A lot of his fights have been in Dennis Hallmans shows, Lindlands, and Couture shows. You can even hear Couture saying on commentary how Cochran will never turn down a fight. It's true. cont.....

So, about 3 weeks ago Matt Linland wanted Dave Cochran to fight in his show which was this past Friday night. To be honest the pay wasn't much and i wasn't being flown into corner Dave, and Dave had to fly himself there. (nothing against Matt, it's just his budget wasn't there) So, obviously i'm not that crazy about him taking the fight. (not to mention i heard from different people how Lindlands guy was extremly tough this and that.., and with me trying to re-establish Dave's career i didn't think it was a smart move. However, Dave missed his daughter greatly and saw it as an opportunity to be with her. So, i supported him. cont....

So, Dave flys to Linlands event and fights (i can't remeber the guys name). Anyway, the fight was pretty much uneventful from everything i read and told. Dave didn't follow his game plan and threw a high head kick and was taken down. I guess Dave reversed him and they scrambled and Dave got caught with a triangle.... Heres the best part...

Dave was so dissapointed because he didn't get to show his boxing we have been working on, so he gets in his car, calls up Anthony Hamlett and Dennis Hallman, drives 5 hours to Tacoma Washington and faught at some Casino the next day (SAT afternoon) Faught a strong wreslter. Dave knocks him out in 39 seconds. Gets in the car immediately following drives another 4 hours to Wenatchee, Washington, to fight Mike "The Jacknife" Jonah for the lightweight Title Belt and knocks him out in 38 seconds and won the belt. This event was "Extreme Ring Wars"

I just think that takes a lot of courage and heart to do that, especially how it all went down!!! Side note: In the past before Dave came to me Mike "The Jacknife" Jonah beat Dave Cochran when they faught the first time. Conrats Dave, and also Congrats to Linlands guy!!!!! I just thought this was a nice MMA fight story. We are all proud of you at Reinhardt Fight Team Dave!!!! Jason Reinhardt

How many fighters would have done this.... seriously??? (especially after losing) Just goes to show you what perserverence will do. One min. you lost a fight and the next min. your getting a belt tied around your waist!!!

Also, thanks to Anthony Hamlett, and Dennis Hallman for making Daves dream of winning a title come true!! I'm happy as hell for the guy.

Wow, congrats to Cochran on two big wins within 24 hours!

the guy who beat him Friday night was Dennis "The Piranha" Davis, and yes he is very good, perhaps UFC bound at some point.

I wasn't aware that Dave was fighting again so soon, but that is quite a story.

Bradu, To be completely honest Dave said the guy did not feel strong at all and the few strikes he did throw were week. Obviously, Dave would love a re-match, and his exact words to me were; "I would beat that guy 8 out of 10 times" But, anyway, i heard good things about the kid. I'm just saying what Dave just told me. Also, people were fucking with Daves head before the fight saying how this guy was this and that, and how he didn't have a chance, and he let it get to him. But, hey, that's all part of it. You gotta learn to block that shit out and fight how you train. Dave's a tough fighter and will only continue to improve with hard proper training.

Good job Dave!!!
TTT for Team Reinhardt!