Lister vs. Okami At UFC 92

In a pivotal match-up between two top middleweights, has confirmed that on Dec. 27 Yushin Okami will return from a lingering hand injury to face submission wizard Dean Lister, as confirmed by Lister’s management group at Haymaker’s Empire.

“It’s a really good fight,” Lister told in an exclusive interview. “(He’s) really skilled, I heard he’s real strong, and I believe he’s a pretty tall guy, he’s a south paw. I’m going to have to have a great gameplan for this guy.”

Lister was originally slated to be a part of the UFC Fight Night 15 show against Thales Leites just last week in Omaha, but a slight knee injury kept him from training at full strength so it kept him off the card.

Now the Pride and King of the Cage veteran arguably gets a much bigger fight taking on Okami, who was tapped to face 185-pound champion Anderson Silva, before the aforementioned hand injury forced him out of the fight.

“I took down Jeremy Horn with an inside trip, and twisted my knee a little bit. Just to where I couldn’t really train with it, that’s all,” Lister commented on his recent injury. “I was hoping to make that fight happen this year, but they already rescheduled the fight with Goran Reljic.”

Okami is one of only a handful of fighters to hold a win over the middleweight champion, albeit from a disqualification after Silva landed an illegal blow that forced a stop to their 2006 fight in Rumble on the Rock.

Lister most recently competed in June, submitting veteran Jeremy Horn, and spent a couple of weeks working with Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic in Croatia to prepare him for his fight in Dream against Alistair Overeem.

“Really good cohesive team over there, they train really hard, training twice a day, every day,” Lister said about his training in Croatia. “I think I lost seven pounds just in those two weeks. The training environment is awesome.”

The middleweight fight will be featured on the main card of the pay-per-view currently headlined by heavyweight champion Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira defending his belt against former titleholder Frank Mir.

Seriously, is that a photoshop of Lister?

 Uh...what? Why don't they just wait a show or two and do Okami vs Anderson? Or I'm sure Anderson would be happy to fight on back-to-back cards.

 lol they cropped off the right side of Lister's face, he looks like a serial killer

Damn that sucks....But Okami does have the tools to beat Lister

Okami will have a big test before a bigger test. In fact I think Okami will battle ready for Silva

Lister looks like johnny drama in that pic

i wouldnt count Okami out of a title shot just yet, he hasnt fought since March and hes coming off an injury, this could just be a UFC "warm up" fight

unless Dean beats him i have a feeling that he will still get the next shot at Silva, barring a tremendous upset by Cote

personally i would rather see Okami/Marquardt

They gave Lister AIDS-Face

Okami by KO.

lister via sub rd 1

This is a easy fight for Okami, imo.

Lister can't take him down and Okami will win the stand-up via either TKO or dec.

jar of flies - They gave Lister AIDS-Face

I think this is the best way to warm up for Silva.

Its either be cage rusty and not know bout your hand when you step in to face Silva


Be battle ready and in shape for Silva

This is good for Okami

So you guys rather have Okami wait around for the winner of Cote or Silva???

If Cote wins he may not be any kind of shape to fight for a while. And Silva may want to take a short break after the fight.

So why not give Okami ready by giving him Lister

I expect this to look like Marquardt/Lister.

 "And Silva may want to take a short break after the fight."

He already said he wants another fight this year.

BJ > DORKUS -  "And Silva may want to take a short break after the fight."

He already said he wants another fight this year.

Nevermind Silva or Cote will prolly have to wait til the late Spring or early Summer for this fight.

Silva/Cote happens in Oct. Okami/Lister happens in Dec. So peeps will have some rest...So Silva will have a month or two break before having to go into training for a maybe early - late spring fight

 worst match possible for dean

i'm in agreement that okami deserves a title shot, however this is stylistically a great fight.

He needed to fight...

I rather see him fight Lister then go into a fight with Silva or Cote with cage rust and not know how good his hand feels....

i cant wait to see the odds, it will be a good bet to money on lister.