Lister Wins Gold at ADCC Again!!!!

Proving once again that no-gi based competitors can win at the very highest levels, Dean Lister took gold at ADCC in the -99kg weight division.

Lister beat Augusto Ferrari by pts. Then he went on a submission safari and heelhooked Radek Turek, Rudolfo Viera, and Joa Assis!

The only other competitor to get three submissions in the weight category and take the gold this year was Marcelo Garcia.

Lister previously won the 2003 ADCC Absolute and the 2005 superfight against Jean-Jacques Machado.

Congrats Dean! Phone Post

Dean has won the Absolute (2003), the Superfight (2005 vs Jean Jacques Machado), and the -99kg weight division (2011).

Mark Kerr won the +99kg twice (1999 & 2000), the Absolute (2000), and the Superfight (2001 vs Sperry). But he was never as dangerous on the ground as Dean and he wasn't able to win over as long a period.

Kerr is still up a medal on Dean. But, I think the fact that Dean is so much more well rounded and dangerous on the ground and his wins were over a span twice as long as those of Kerr, is enough to make the case that Dean is the best American grappler of all time.

 Courtesy of LiquidRob:

 Here's a 10-05-11 Interview with Dean.


He says he this victory means more than his 2003 absolute victory because nobody gave him a chance this time. Also, he says he will go back to MMA and give it 5 more years.


Wow. Talk about a comeback. Dean is amazing, excited to see him in the cage again! Phone Post

Freaking awesome. He's got his fire back!.