Lists of IT Consulting Firms?

Where can I find lists of IT consulting firms for different cities?

I googled "computer consulting firms california", for example, but could not find any actual lists. Most of the hits are 'crap', to boot.

go to the following and you'll find them:

if you have little experience with them, just realize that it's a temp job.

once you get your profile made and sign up for alerts, you'll see that many companies will offer to place you at the same job. all have different rates and benefits. play each against each other. they're sharks.


No, no, no. I think you misunderstood me. I have already checked those sites. What I want to do, though, is send my resume to the consulting firms as a whole, rather than for a specific job. I figure that once a firm gets my resume, they might find something for me that is not listed online.

For example, if XYZ Systems has a listing for a job, I would like to apply for that job, but also send my resume directly to XYZ Systems.

FYI, I did find a good site this morning. It is This site will search jobs (and consulting firms) across MANY different websites.

For example:

What I can do from this (and other sites) is look up each of the firms listed, look them up online, and then send them my resume. It would be more cumbersome than if I had a list of just the consulting firms, but this will probably work. (What about the Chamber of Commerse? Would they have a list?) will also let you search all of the listings by a particular consulting firm, like so:

no I understood. this is just easier. from those websites, you'll see who the big players are in your area.

I have a list of the top 20 IT consulting companies in my area. Found it after I wasn't happy with the IT companies on the job boards, but this was a couple job searches ago.

yes. if you apply for a job through a job board's firm, they'll keep your res on file for other jobs.


Thanks, Stephen.

A few more questions:

When applying directly to the firm (or for a specific position), is it best to follow up with a phone call (or an e-mail)? I always include a cover letter, but is that enough?

What if the job posting doesn't list a phone number? Should I just call the firm?

always call and always email.

during my last job search, I built up a list of about 25 IT recruiters. Every Monday, I'd email each one of them stating that I was still in the job search and include my resume.

If I saw a job I really wanted, I'd apply for it at the job site, then immediately call the recruiter. As I'm talking to him I'd email my resume so we'd go over it as we're on the phone.

in this point and click job search world, you have to set yourself apart. if i really wanted a job, i'd call the recruiters around 8:10am. they've just logged into their computer and sat down with a cup of coffee. i didn't give them a chance to get distracted by meetings, listening to voicemails or answering emails.