Lithuania COVID cases 1650% higher than Sweden, despite mask mandates and vaccine passports!


At this point it’s just blatantly obvious that the virus just surges and recedes no effect from any mask or lockdown or social distancing policies. People pick and choose some moment in time where a place with/without those policies is seeing fewer cases than the alternative, but it’s always cyclical and a few months later exactly the opposite is true. And if you look at cumulative mortality, theres no relation between anticovid policies and deaths, with places like FL having better outcomes than places like CA. It’s all covid theater to virtue signal and appease people with anxiety disorders.

The only correlation I have actually seen demonstrated is that recent Harvard study that shows the higher a country’s vaccination rate, the higher their infection rate.


The vaccinated are super spreaders


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There’s no vaccine for your obsession with COVID vaccines.

Fucking Lithuania?!? Hahahaha!

There’s no vaccine for covid either bhhhwwaaaahaaaaa


Then what rates and mandates are OP discussing?

Covid jab numbnuts

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Hahaha. You can’t read!

Vaccines prevent illness covid shot doesn’t do that

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Can an OG liberal explain why we should get vaccinated if you can still get and spread covid?


Genetics plays a huge part…but nobody wants to go there.

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So, as usual,
You have nothing to say

They are the problem. They are walking sheep.

Since so many pussies volunteered to get it out of fear, that is the reason it’s now becoming mandated and required.

No point in replying to obvious alt account trolls

Are you stupid op? It’s because people aren’t wearing masks in Sweden that Lithuania is having such a difficult time with covid! Had they just implement mandates in Sweden this thing would be over in Lithuania

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You’re correct