Little Beaver and those 80's guys

Posted about Doink and Dink in another thread and it reminded me of midget wrestling I saw in the 80’s. Just learned, Dink was Tiger Jackson, Little Beavers real brother.

As a kid, first time I ever saw or was introduced to the concept of midgets was watching Little Beaver, Haiti Kid, Little Tokyo, Lord Littebrook etc… in the WWF. You never hear anything mentioned about those guys in wrestler’s shoot interviews about the 70’s and 80’s.

People say Andre had it tough on the road and guys like Piper who started at seventeen had it tough early on as well. Well I just read Little Beaver started wrestling at fifteen in 1949 in Qubec and was over big time in Canada pretty early into his career and he made a lot of money. Can’t imagine life on the road and being a wrestler in his teens was all that easy for him either. Wrestlemania III was his last match.

The life of a pro wrestler can be “different”, life as a midget pro wrestler seems extra bizarre.

Have any midgets been inducted into the hof?