Little bill whooped the duck of death

he was building a house

Schofield kid was a pussy ( OG lefty ), Ned was a softy at he end ( OG centrist ), Munny was a legend ( OG Soup )… Little bill was a quick and done with faggoon done with by a true OGer…

Most Ogers think they are William Munny. Most of them are probably fast mike.

Most of them are the pissy pants writer… is that mike ? Can’t remember… The few of us are a combo of Ned and Bill…

Fast Mike is the cowboy who gets shot taking a shit

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So pissy pants writer…

Quick Mike, god damn it.

Like the first guy the regulators got…

That was Davey Boy!

They killed our Davey Boy!

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Got ya, Davey was in the rocky valley, not quick enough Mike was in the shitter… Correct ?

Got him through the gut, I think.


Christ will ya get him some fucking water!

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Hold on, Davey boy. Here I come now.
Don’t you shoot me, you bastard.

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Quick Mile, right. Sorry fucked that up

I’m not gonna shoot you!

It aint bent

She don’t like much, you riding off with me? Gave me the evil eye.