Little bro signed up for Army

My little brother signed up for the Army last week, he leaves out Jan. 4 for basic training. What should he expect? The recruiter gave him a DVD with the exercises they'll do and what level of fitness he should be at, and it doesn't seem too tough.

But, how much would being in better shape help him as far as advancement? Also, how available is boxing/wrestling/MMA while you're in the service?

He signed up for 4 years I believe, and signed up on the college program and says he will go for at least an associates degree. All in all, I think it will be the best thing that ever happened to him, so long as he doesn't get shot.

Expect alot of yelling and push ups
basic in three phases
1. Red...Break you down physically and mentally, then rebuild you....PT PT PT expect to be on your belly for a hot minute
2. White.....They lay off a bit but are still hard asses...start handling weapons so not so many smokings
3. Blue never see the DS platoon lead for most of the day from one DS....lots of weapons and final FTX (field training exersice).

In shape wise dont worry about that they WILL get you there being in shape helps alot of like i said you will get there..went in doing 5 pushups barely and left doing 75.

The army is trying to move to more of a marine apporach and let everyone do combative training, but as it stands now unless he is in a combat MOS doubt he will get it anytime soon....and if he were to take an off post MMA class he would probly be better off...I go off post and can beat most if not all LV 2 combative instructors.

Yes goto college while it is free....tell your brother good luck

As a Drill Sergeant I would like to say a couple of things.

"2. White.....They lay off a bit but are still hard asses...start handling weapons so not so many smokings"
I don't know where you went but I know it wasn't Ft. Benning.
Phase II is fundamentally one of the most important phases of training. This is the Soldier's first contact with a rifle and where good habits form using muscle memory.
"Blue... never see the DS platoon lead for most of the day from one DS...."

That's a shame if it's true...I don't think it is. Phase III is when we give them a little "rope" and see if they hang themselves. Some do. Most don't.

"I go off post and can beat most if not all LV 2 combative instructors."

Don't confuse Modern Army Combatives with sport Jiu-Jitsu. Combatives is a system that uses BJJ as its technical base. Don't confuse Level II with experience. Take each for what it is....young Grasshopper. ;)


Thought you were gonna need a phone call...It's funny how the rest of the Army has the life of a Drill Sergeant figured out. An intelligent individual, would find out first hand. Volunteer, go to School, you might get lucky and not get caught up in the 3rd year blanket extension. Get a few cycles...then make comments.

This We'll Defend!

I concur with PimpSmack. As a former DS, I can say that crusecontrl's idea of basic is totally different from anything I have seen.

Furthermore, how many Level II instructors have you known, let alone beat? I know many that would give most BJJ Blue belts a tough time (If you doubt this come to Benning and roll with DS B). Furthermore, I know some Level III instructors that have not continued their training and got very rusty; its easy to do on the line when you have things like training or maybe war that occasionally get in the way.

As PimpSmack said, its just a school. You can take the course, then not follow up with any further training. And within a few months (if that) you will have a tough time remembering anything. The whole point of the Army Combatives program is that you continue your training while retaining what you know. You can take Level I, II and III back to back and have seven weeks of training under your belt. Five years down the line you open your own school. Your qualifications are that you had seven weeks of training five years ago. Who would go to that kind of school? I wouldn't. Army Combatives encourages furthering your training and competing, not simply taking a class.

Oh, and DS C, that whole motto thing is queer ;)

not trying to start any fights on this thing....but as a matter of fact the 4 instructors that ive rolled with all train under marcello alonzo out of the Gracie camp and are blue belts under him.....and they train their brigade every day at the gym on post, not to mention the platoon of Rangers that I've rolled with. Now for DS B if he makes it to Lewis give me a shout I roll with anyone anywhere :)....For basic i went to relaxin' jackson so from other stories from buddies yea my basic was a joke and really hands off....we were an experimental cycle, new PT, New Army of One Commercials, etc so i guess my idea of basic is one for the ages :)
but either way Joey's brother will have a blast and it will be an experience he wont forget.

....As he ties the buffer cord around his neck, telling the world, " I'll show them all"...Roger Battle :)

haha youve heard that story too huh...oldy but goodie eh battle :)

I assume you are referring to Booker and his bunch at Lewis (most of them are Level III BTW). I know Marcelo has some tough blues; I can't imagine just anyone going there and schooling his guys. Where do you train?

Jackson may be something different entirely. Obviously it is different from what the other three current ot former DS's have witnessed, though.

i guess i know who booker is and ive seen him too...uses the same move to take the back of his students and all you hear is WOW OHHHH AHHHH....kinda lame.....and Marcelo has some outstanding blues seen them in action....i train at a nobody school down south and when i get back from deployment and ETS gunna try out Quest in Portland, know a few guys down there.....and i rolled with the 1st BDE guys when they came back from lv 2 glad to hear that they are all 3 now, but they are on the way out here so hopefully they will stay sharp. And yeah my cycle at jackson was weird because they had the TV camera's there for the new life of a basic soldier with those 6 yahoos so we never got smoked if the camera was around and if we were getting smoked and the cameras ran up theyd stop....god my basic was as bout as lame as the stress cards they but that was like 4 years ago now and old news
Whatever you up at lewis or you just know some of the combative guys

I know (most of) them from their time down here at Benning at the school.

That sucks about the lame basic. Ft. Benning wasn't easy, but was a blast looking back. Drill Sergeants Varner, White, Atwood, and Ito were the bomb, C2/58. haha never gonna forget those names.