Little Help..

If someone has a drawn out plan of a nutrition program that is made for a speciman of MMA training which includes, weight training 3 times a week, train zoo zitsu 3 times a week, sparring, bagwork, pushups..

What I need is the a plan that offers enough protein for muscle gaining, enough healthy carbs to get me through zoo zitsu and boxing.. Any tips that might help me including ways to save foods that are good and not like panda xpress or blah blah..or some recipes to help chicken breast taste better and wways of preparing vegetables..blah blah

Also which supplements really really work (protien shakes?/fat burners? trim spa? natural vitamins w/no additives?)..experts only please

I know it is alot to ask and I know you guys awnser these questions all the time and it gets tiring but please help and I shall print and never ask again..

How much do you weight? How old are you? Are you looking to gain/lose/maintain your weight? How is your diet right now?

I am about 195



I am looking to shed pounds and gain muscle size..My body reacts like a champ when my diet is changed.. My new years resolution is to get back in shape.. I am looking to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time..My ideal weight is 200 pounds mostly muscle

little help

Dude theres tons of information out there. You can find the answers to all of your questions. Look at the nutrition articles at

You want good recipes? Google.

How long have you been training? Its pretty hard to cut fat and gain muscle at the same time.. unless you're new to lifting.

As far as supplements go, just assume none of them work. Protein shakes are fine, fish oils are fine.. don't worry about thermogenics..

Thanx man,
I have been training for 5 years on and off
Well I know there are taylor made nutrition plans for combat athletes, basicly I have heard so many different things..I want an MMA nutritionist expert to give me a copy of thier plan..I know an expert here has a detailed nutrition plan saved on thier computer

As far as supplements go gluclosimine, fish oils, protien, creatine, natural vitamins with no addidtives?..