Little Rio Guard Passing

Right now I'm watching an instructional by an effeminate lady boy from California.

He shows a very unorthodox closed guard pass that uses NO conventional upright posture.


1. he get a cross armdrag grip

2. drops his chest on his opponent

3. turns into a wannabe brasilian, that speaks with a fake accent and distinct lisp.

4. then switches his hips and legs out low, so he's sort of in a judo side control (kesagatame) position with his legs, but still INSIDE the guard

5. and just opens the legs of his opponent and begins to try to insert his undersized penis into his opponent.

It seems like a suicide pass, because you are way on the side and the opponent has access to your back and neck, still the ladyboy passes with crazy pressure.

Is there something about Little Rio that makes them come up with those crazy unorthodox homosexual passes?

 This Hiptoss favorite pass also!  Oh, how he faggot cock.

I get it hiptoss not to bad for faggot

Sounds kinda like the Sau Paulo pass for faggots Phone Post

Lol, old school! Phone Post