little short story Im working on.

Heres an unedited part of it. Having a lot of fun writing ficitonal stuff. It seems to be a good way to express thoughts and paradigms.

Jimmy grabbed his bag and was the first off the bus and walked to the rear of the bus. Every one else filed off without a word. The Sargent told the bus driver to move along. Once the bus had moved out of the way Jimmy began to look around the compound as much as possible without moving his head around. All around him were jeeps and soldiers looking at the new arrivals. A column of soldiers filed past in full field gear. A couple of them made some comments but none in line dared reply. The site of a soldier in full kit with rifles was  new and intimidating.
  The Sargent started talking from behind the group, “Alright, when I call your name grab your stuff and come inside this door.”
Everyone turned their head to the right . Sargent Littleton was standing underneath an awning . Right over the door hung a sign that said, Reception.
“Townsed, Edgar J.” the first of the group turned and walked up to the door and disappeared. When Jimmy’s name was called he picked up his bag and walked up to the door. With the August sun beating directly down on him it seemed like an hour had passed before his name was called.
“Rucker, James A. ?”
“ Sir, Yes, Sir !”
“ Inside this door to your left. Repeat your name to the clerk at the desk and he will hand you your file and proceed according to his instructions.”
Jimmy walked in the door and turned left. A few steps ahead of him sat a clerk at a small desk piled high with folders and overflowing baskets. A cigarette burned in an ashtray on his right. Rarely being around people who smoked, the odor was a overpowering to him. The fan sitting behind the clerk rotating slowly blew the aroma directly at him.
“ Have a seat,” said the man without looking up. He took a drag on his cigarette and held it in for a few seconds then proceeded to thumb through some paperwork.
“ James A. Rucker….Looks like if you pass your physcials you’ve already been given orders to the medical service. Is that correct ?”
“ Yes sir.”
“ How did you come by that, are you a medical student ?”
“ I was hoping to sir, never got the chance.”
“ I see. So basically you’re a conchie ?” The clerk looked up with a raised eyebrow.
“ A conchie ?” That was the first time Jimmy had heard that.
“ Yeah, a conscientious objector. You wanted out of this war and you used your religion to keep out of harms way, right ?”
“ Umm…” Was this the beginning of being labeled a coward, he thought.
The clerk tapped his cigarette into the ashtray and looked directly at Jimmy.
“ Get used to conchie, pill pusher and all kinds of other stuff. Between you and me, I’d keep your mouth shut and tell people as little about yourself as possible. It will save you and the Army a lot of headaches. You know, turn the other cheek if need be.”
“ You’ll still take your aptitude tests and everything else but your tagged for the medical corps. You do well, you could be assigned to empty bed pans at a stateside hospital or somewhere else.You never know till you finish your basic and the orders are cut. Even if you flunk out, there’s always need for litter bearers.”
“ What’s a litter bearer, sir ?”
“ Basically you’ll be pulling dead or wounded GI’s off the battlefield and getting them to an aid station. There’s a place in the Army for almost anybody these days.”
He paper clipped a small stack of papers into 3 different sections, placed them in a manila envelope and handed them to Jimmy.
“ Fall out behind the building. You’ll exit down the hallway to my left and await your barracks assignment. Medical tests are tomorrow and written tests the next. The day after that, provided you don’t have any medical issues, youll be sworn in and receive orders to a Medical Replacement Training Center. Any questions ?”
“ No, sir.”