‘Little slice of hell’ house in Colorado Springs sells 1 week after being listed

man this real estate market is fucking nuts!

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‘Little slice of hell’ house in Colorado Springs sells 1 week after being listed

Posted: Jun 19, 2021 / 06:11 PM MDT / Updated: Jun 19, 2021 / 06:19 PM MDT

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KXRM) — A Broadmoor Bluffs area home described as a “little slice of hell” has sold within a week since it was first listed.

Last week, Real Estate Agent Mimi Foster listed the house for $590,000. Saturday, FOX21 learned the house is officially under contract. The buyer is described as a “neighborhood local” who is familiar with the area and is expected to inspect the house Sunday.

‘Tenants from hell’; Home plastered with graffiti on carpets, walls for sale for $590,000

“Dozens of offers were received,” Foster told FOX21. “The seller is pleased with the outcome.”

The house gained attention after a disgruntled former tenant used spray paint and a hammer to wreak havoc on its interior. In addition to the paint and hammer destruction, the property features a deck that is not attached properly to the home and rancid meat, left to rot for over a year, in a basement freezer.

At this time, the final sales price has not been released.


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‘Tenants from hell’; Home plastered with graffiti on carpets, walls for sale for $590,000

Local News

by: Dara Bitler

Posted: Jun 17, 2021 / 07:10 AM MDT / Updated: Jun 19, 2021 / 06:08 PM MDT

Credit: Mimi Foster

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KDVR) — Colorado real estate is on fire and that is not even stopping a property plastered with graffiti and destruction to be listed for $590,000. It has been deemed the “little slice of hell” by a realtor and you can turn it into a piece of heaven.

“This formerly majestic 5 bed/4 bath/3 car garage home was once the seller’s pride and joy. Now it’s every landlord’s nightmare and needs someone with firm resolve to appreciate its potential. If you dream of owning your own little slice of hell and turning it into a piece of heaven, then look no further! This house is not for the faint of heart but for that special person who can see through the rough diamond to the polished gem inside,” shared Mimi Foster in the listing.

According to the listing on Redfin, the home is located at 4525 Churchill Court in Colorado Springs.

This listing said the home is over 3,500 square feet with five bedrooms and four bathrooms.

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As you scroll through pictures on the listing, you will see black spray paint with vulgar words and phrases on walls of bedrooms, living areas, and even in the kitchen.

Credit: Mimi FosterCredit: Mimi FosterCredit: Mimi FosterCredit: Mimi FosterCredit: Mimi FosterCredit: Mimi FosterCredit: Mimi FosterCredit: Mimi FosterCredit: Mimi FosterCredit: Mimi FosterCredit: Mimi Foster

The damage was done by an angry departing tenant who didn’t want to pay rent, according to the listing.

“TENANT FROM HELL. In decades of doing real estate, this house was the worst example of tenant destruction I have ever seen. In the beautiful Broadmoor Bluffs neighborhood of Colorado Springs, this house stands as a testament to why it’s so important to hire a reputable property management company,” shared Foster in a video posted on YouTube.

The graffiti might not be the worst part of the property, though.

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“It’s not nearly as daunting as the freezer in the basement that’s full of meat and hasn’t had electricity to it for over a year. So be sure to wear your mask. Not for anyone else’s protection but your own. You may not be able to endure the smell if you don’t,” shared Foster.

So, is there any upside to this half a million dollar plus property? According to the realtor, yes.

“The main floor has a living room, dining room, kitchen with dining area, family room with fireplace, laundry, and main floor bedroom and bath. There is a walk-out to a back deck – but don’t go out there as the deck is not necessarily attached to the house in the manner you might hope. The upstairs has a catwalk, large master with soaking tub and dual sinks, plus two additional bedrooms and bath – all covered in black spray paint, vulgarities, and other substances which are no longer identifiable. The basement is amazing – or at least it will be once all the debris is cleared out, the floor coverings are replaced, and the obscenities are painted over,” shared Foster.

Foster said the property has received 16 offers so far.



God I hate trash people.


House has good bones.

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LOL. I hat that saying.

so 600k for a lot? doesn’t sound like that thing is salvageable.


If I was on a jury where the homeowner was charged with beating the tenant to a living death I’d say Not Guilty…

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New floors and a lot of paint cover most of it from what I can tell … definitely salvageable.


Smart move by the sales agent. Give it a curious tag name and it kind of stands out.

But who the fuck has a purple and white kitchen. The spray paint was an upgrade.


That smell will be in the walls for decades.

Outstanding branding.

None of my tenants would dare leave my places like this. On “walk through” day me and one of my heavily tatted 400 lb security guys walk through the house (we are the last guys you’d want to try this on, fyi). In addition to good tenant screening, I have an army of semi-retarded guys that will go to the house and lick the windows at midnight wearing various masks. That’s if my boy and I decide we don’t want to work tuesdays and show up with assault rifles to “inspect the property”. Straightens shit out real fast.

One crack house I bought the dealers kept trying to muscle back in and were trying to break in. My boy and I showed up in full body armor with AK’s. Problem solved after three days of “establishing a presence”.

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Savvy agent getting publicity for the house.

The vandalism can be cleaned up in a single weekend.

Not to mention anyone with a modicum of taste would have repainted that kitchen anyway.

Nah. It’s not that bad. It could be located in the Middle East.

I had a freezer fail while I was on vacation for a week. I had about 30 lbs of venison in there. I don’t remember if I puked or just almost puked, but my god that smell.

I can’t imagine what a year would do to that.

It’s the stuff you can’t see if be worried about …like concrete dumped down the drains.