Little Webber

"Cuttino Mobley played an integral role on offense and defense in Monday's matinee, but Chris Webber said the new shooting guard's mouth also helped the Kings record their seventh consecutive victory over the Clippers. "In my opinion, and I hope people don't take this the wrong way, but we finally have another loudmouth on this team," said Webber, who had 23 points, 14 rebounds and six assists, all team highs. "(Monday), the definite X-factor was Cuttino. Now, I don't have to do all the talking and encouraging. I can just sit back and listen." Sacramento Bee

I knew you guys would love this too,

"Sacramento Kings guard Cuttino Mobley is wearing No. 3, in part, to honor Magic guard Steve Francis, his best friend, and because Mobley's No. 5 was taken."

LMAO @ Webber!!!!! What a fucking loser bitch.

That pic: the future of the Kings franchaise.

Caption, "Oh Stev....err I mean Chris."

francis is gonna get jealous

Webber: "Shit negro, Tyra don't mind. She knows I got to get mine"

Mobley: "Oh Chris, just promise that you will always give me a reach around."