Live CFFC Webcast RIGHT NOW!!

I'm watching the live webcast right now and the quality is great... is where it's at. $9.95 is the price and they have 4 title fights.

Dan Lauzon vs. Deividas ever the fuck you spell it

Erik Charles vs. Dante Rivera

Tamdan McCrory vs. Anthony D'Angelo

Mike Varner vs. Carlos Nieves

check it out bitches

I didn't catch the names in the first two, but two guys got KO'd...

Jarrod Palmer just beat Lamont Lister by TKO..well it was a sub from strikes but it was about to be a TKO but I guess it's a sub.

Tamdan is my boy so I'm hoping he takes this. Up for a bet Josh? Nothing crazy, just to keep it interesting.

Doug Gordon vs. Rich ass-car? I'm guessing it's not asscar, but that's what it sounded like...they're up now. fault...gordon was announced as flash gordon...awesome!

Anyone have the link to watch the webcast I know it started but i wanted to get in. I cant get in through the site anymore


Wow that Aquino / Levy fight was unreal...

Who won that one?

Aquino by decision.

thanks....... no link info to pay and watch huh?

to register, you should then receive an email with a link...

Thanks.....big help

where is the results help out rick

Heard Varner won...

varner and carlos are both good friends of mine i dident have a favorite in that one but im curious in eric and dante also dan

just heard from Rick that Dan lost via RNC... :-(    Eric Charles is just getting in the cage

Jerry you get that toof fixed yet?

yeah they actually had to pull out both of my front teeth cause the bone in my face was broke but i got a flipper so i look sexy still but i have 6 weeks before i get implants.keep me updated please im still very interested in the dante and eric fight

that sucks that dan lost, I was rooting for him but deividas is no joke.

Dante won with a choke from north south.

Tamdan stopped D'Angelo in 2:34...looked like the end of the first ortiz vs. liddell fight with a couple knees mixed in with the punches.