Live Chase on Now

Heres the link to the feeds I watch. I know some other guys use Smoke n Scan too.


I thought Cain Velasquez broke house arrest and went after him again


I would watch that

How are things going with the Mexican girl ?

Is this her racing to planned Parenthood?

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Its going pretty good. And no it is not her. I havent banged uet.

Ummm why not ?

It’s been over a week

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Weve only gone out once since i met her. I play shit slow.

Step your game up.
The other guys in her phone, are not slow.

I would have pulled out my dick on day one.


Cool man. Thats your style not mine. If thats what hapoens so be it. Lol


Give her a bouquet of cock. You get yourself a light arrangement of some flowers, and then you arrange them around your penis. Then you hold the bouquet like you would any other bouquet of flowers, and when she opens the door, you offer it to her and allow her to grasp it and give it a good tug. Once she realized that it’s attached to you, most good sluts will peel away the remaining flowers and secure your penis in their mouth…

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Ahhh, the old “hole in the popcorn bucket” for sophisticated gentlemen.

James Franco Eye Roll GIF