*LIVE - inside the Joint for XFN 4

And here we go...

I'll be checking this thread all night. You da man, Stunpals! Phone Post

Another Xtreme Fight Night sells out. Fact! Overheard people walking away from the box office an hour before.

Bogey Blunt VS Brett Middaugh
Blunt taps Middaugh at 1:06 of the 1st round with a standing guillotine to start the evening off.

Jazz Pierce (unk) VS Richard Fernandez (Tulsa)
Pierce is a late replacement, but looks ready to go. Fernandez always looks ready to go.
1st They are trade heavy shots throughout. Let’s see who’s cardio stands up.
2nd Fernandez takes a groins shot and Pierce give him a breather. Ref Nix commends the good sportsmanship. Pierce hands are dropping as the round goes on. The pace has slowed.
3rd Both guy picked up the pace to start the 3rd. I have no idea why Word decided to highlight this sentence but the pace is too quick to mess with it. Pierce nails Fernandez with a hook and Fernandez mouthpiece flies into the judges table. Fernandez is bleeding as the bell ends an entertaining final round.
Piece by split decision.

After further discussion, the wrong winner was announce. Fernandez earned the split dec. Either way, it was a tight one.

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Whose up next, Stunpals?


The National Anthem and now we’re ready to go. KC Lupp (KMOD and FOX 23 fame) gets the crowd fired up. No Goldberg sighting yet, but he may be waiting for the pyrotechnics.

James “Whitey” Warren VS B.J. Harlin
Warren with his trademark mohowk, but it is dyed bleach blonde. Harlin with the Green Lantern T-shirt under his walkout shirt.
1st Harlin with three quick punches to start the bout. Warren has a front head lock and throws knees from in close. Dirty boxing by both as Harlin works the single. Warren with a slam working from half-guard. Warren to the back and locks in the hooks and body triangle. Harlin in survival mode and he makes it.
2nd The clinch and this time Harlin with the big slam. He’s working for a kimura from the guard. Harlin working Warren over this round on the ground. Warren holds guard but Harlin standing dropping shots. Scramble and they will see a third round.
3rd Clinch work to start the final round. Harlin throwing short punches while Warren is looking to land knees. Warren falls and Harlin wastes no time jumping on his back. Warren reverses but not for long. Harlin back on top and lets Warren stand only to slam him back down. Harlin in mount pounding away as the final bell sounds. What a fight!
29-28 three times for Harlin

Dang! Was pulling for Whitey ... he put on a good Muay Thai show last weekend.

Jarrett “The Prodigy” Rouse VS Andrew Dixon
Dixon is a late replacement.
1st Rouse lands a couple of leg kicks to get Dixon’s attention. Rouse lands a combo and Dixon is shaken by gathers himself. Rouse is in attack mode. He throws a spinning back kick and just misses.
2nd Dixon throwing more jabs and kicks to keep Rouse at bay. A right high kick puts Dixon on wobbly legs again. Rouse puts the pressure on and Dixon collapses in a heap, probably from exhaustion as much as the shots.
Rouse by KO at 1:06 of the second.

The first impromptu Goldberg chants of the night. Didn’t get much support only about 3 guys chanting. Goldberg is ringside.

Andrew “The Sniper” Todhunter VS Charles Morrison
Morrison gets a big reaction from the crowd.
1st Todhunter with a big left and Morrison is on queer street. They are throwing haymakers in the center. They get tangles on the ropes next and get reset. Morrison eats a few more as Todhunter’s hands look sharp. Morrison bull rushes for the takedown but no dice. Morrison lands a big shot and Todhunter is going to see the second round for the first time in his young career.
2nd Todhunter drops Morrison and punces. They are back on their feet and Todhunter is wailing away. Morrison shows serious heart. Morrison loses a mouthpiece and has a mouse under his left eye. Morrison is getting tagged but remains upright somehow. Both guys are gassed as the bell takes them to the third.
3rd Morrison lands a big right but is unable to follow it up. Big nut shot and Todhunter is withering on the ground. The pro-Morrison crowd boos but they didn’t get kicked in the junk. These two look like they’ve been in a war. Morrison finally gets the takedown but Todhunter grabs his neck… then stands up. Another war as we go to the judges scorecards.
30-26, 30-26, 29-28 for Todhunter – He gets a trophy the size of one of the ring girls.


Good to hear that my illegitimate son Andrew Toddhunter is kicking ass. Phone Post

I'm going to the next show. Stunpals does a good job but this is just like PLAYBOY with ONLY ARTICLES!

Somebody should get Bogey Blunt to start posting here. He seems to have the makings of a OKUG sponsorship.

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And THEE Bill Goldberg makes his official appearance. He is owning this. He picks Lupp up in a fireman’s carry but doesn’t finish the move, sadly. He commends the crowd for standing during the Anthem. He’s a proud Tulsan. He’s a proud American!
He teases the crowd that maybe he’ll do an exhibition kickboxing match on an upcoming card.

Dylan “Savage” Smith VS Brandon Lyons
1st They both throw and Smith connects. Lyons brings him down and they are scrambling. Smith takes his back for a second but Lyons reverses and ends up in Smith’s guard. A quick reversal to top mount for Smith. Now he has Lyons back and slaps on the rear naked choke. Smith by submission at 1:36 of the first.
Smith calls out the winner of the Ford/Chaffin fight.
Ref Nix announced Fernandez as winner from earlier bout.

Thomas Longacre and Anthony Macias come to the ring. They will battle at XFN 5 on November 18. William “Spanky” Smith is introduced. He served 22 years in the Marine corp. He lost his left leg from the knee down in a fire fight. He is sporting a Levi Avera shirt and said he recruited Levi Avera. Salute!

*MMA 175-pound BOUT 4 ROUNDS
Levi “The Marine” Avera VS Tyrel Brown
Avera come out to his typical ovation. He is cornered by Thunderkick.
Brown steps in on late notice.
1st Brown paws with a jab. Avera works to the clinch, but they separate. Avera with a body lock and slam. Brown to his feet working a single. Avera with a front headlock leaning on Brown. He pulls guard, tightens the grip and finishes Brown with a guillotine.
Avera with the sub at 1:47 of the first.

Stunpals for commissioner! Phone Post

Levi is back!

And I can't believe JASON ANDERSON's top protege Brandon Lyons lost. Was there no furniture in the ring? Phone Post

pillbottle - Stunpals for commissioner!

This Again!