LIVE: Obama & Trump RALLIES in Pennsylvania

Nope, they’ll just read Pool Boy and Heather Has Two Mommies.

The Trump crime family is deplaning

It’s funny to say this, but somewhat seriously: at the rate your team is “progressing” with the transgender fad, your children are probably the last generation of the greenhairs.

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Democrats have to get Obama out campaigning since they have destroyed the country and fucking suck that bad.


celebrating a 1 off

To edit- that’s some queer shit

Trump’s radical right authoritarian fascist hate rally is LIVE. He seems FRIED on cocaine like his least favorite son!

Shout out to the black man (and former president Obama)…


lol@ you trying to gaslight Don Jr. into being as deplorable as Hunter

Saved!!! Another close one


He’s either being very facetious, or he’s a giant faggot.
But i know He’s being facetious.

Although he could still be a faggot.

Ya just never know


What about him? He’s the presidents son who traded access to his vice president father for a kush job on the board of a corrupt business in a corrupt country. Oh, and he fucks children, and relatives. And he smokes crack.

What about him?


Don jr is far worse. At least hunter can blame his shit on drugs. Don jr is just a traitorous cunt with a punchable face.

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Hunter doesn’t hold a role in the White House admin like the Trump crime family children did. Everyone knows about and sympathizes with Hunter’s party animal lifestyle, he admitted himself that he smoked Parmesan cheese off the carpet.

yeah. the laptop kinda ruined that for him.

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That and the fact that the BIden’s father is not actually in charge of the administration.

“An even more perfect call!”

More perfect than perfect? LOL

Or your grandchildren if you’re Hispanic

I stop paying attention to politics for 3 months and I see that they are running a retard juggalo for senate?