Live PD is Back?

Yup is called on patrol

We are not talking about that show

Whutcha gonna do, whutcha gonna doooo

Very racist comment bro.

It’s OK to like cops again…???

I guess I didn’t see that tweet.

Do I still keep my BLM yard sign or what? I’m so confused.

–PLEASE let me know if/when we riot again. I just feel like I missed a memo or two.


Wrong. This is virtually the exact same show LivePD was.

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No its not. The two shows are vurtually identical.

Its Time Sport GIF by UFC
For live PD!



It looks like they reused the LivePD set even. Virtually identical x2

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Different network so they don’t have the rights to use the livepd name.

Human trafficking!!!

Tonight is off to a good start. Angry black guy and drunk granny riding her wheelchair down the street holding a beer


Show is amazing tonight

I really like this chick from Berkeley SC. She is super nice.

Grown man riding around on a go kart was too much.