Live UFC 60 prelim results....

Guillard KOs Davis in round 1. Said to be a whicked knockout. About 2 minutes into the first round. Crowd went nuts for the knockout.

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FIGHT #2: Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Fabiano Scherner

-Round one is over. Gonzaga looked better on the feet, but a lot of the fight happened on the ground. Gonzaga got a few takedowns, Scherner got one as well. Both look tired, with Scherner looking the more physically beaten (and cut). Gonzaga probably got the first round on the scorecards.

-Fight ends in round two. Both fighters came out throwing bombs, Gonzaga landed a straight left hard. Gonzaga comes in with some ground and pound and the referee steps in to call a hault to the action.

Winner: Gabriel Gonzaga via TKO in Round 2.


is anyone doing the PBP for tonights card???

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Winman gone with flying knee

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Sounds great so far. You have to give Wiman credit for stepping up on 2 weeks notice. sounded like a war.

Paul you should be on this card making a fool of Vera (even though Silva probably will)

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veras from lloyd irvin so im sure his ground game is very nasty,all of lloyds top students are excellent on the ground to say the least

Horn via sub.


"Yep. Next time he should get a cournerman that doesn't need a booster seat."


I heard OMA was carrying a box around so he can look bigger in pics.