Living and Training Abroad

I decided while I was traveling ,and training that I would create a blog about it.So here it is My first post is on MMA and Muay Thai training scholarships, and is geared toward fighters who want to come out to Thailand to train. Take a look, and tell me what you think. If you enjoy the article, like the facebook page to receive updates.I am new to blogging so any suggestions are appreciated.

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My second post on living and training in Thailand, How to save half the price on accomodation while training at a fight camp.....

pic of renzo training a broad

ranier wolfcastle - 

pic of renzo training a broad


Living with a broad can be tough and I couldn't imagine training one.

Seriously tho, nice blog.

Cool blog

Thanks for sharing it here

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Havnt done much blogging lately, but threw together this video of Khmer boxing from my trip to Siem Reap. Just a brief history and fight highlights from Angkor Arena. Got a chance to see dozens of fights and even train a bit. If you guys like the video Ill make more, I have tons of footage from all over. I was thinking of making a video on bare knuckle kickboxing in Myanmar. Let me know what you guys think!

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Discovering a Fighting Legend: Siem Reap

I arrive in Cambodia in the heart of the rainy season, and despite the skies being clear the humidity is overwhelming. As I step off the plane my shirt immediately sticks to my body. The air is thick, making  breathing difficult. I hurry inside looking for an exchange booth, I need some Cambodian currency to pay for my visa. Unable to find a booth I spot an ATM, punch in my pin, and become confused as the machine spits out crisp US $20 bills. I did no research in coming here, and did not realize Cambodia uses US dollars. Cambodian currency is so devalued it is almost worthless.

I pay for my visa, pick up my bag, and make my way to the front of the tiny airport. I am  in Siem Reap, a place I have never been. I step outside into the muggy air, to see a chaos of people all looking as if they know where they are going.  My heart is starting to race. I take off my hat just to put it back on, and  feel the cool line of sweat that has formed around the rim. I have no Idea where to go, but that is part of the plan. I am lost on purpose.

Excerpt from my latest blog entry. Check out the whole thing at . Let me know what you think, and hopefully next time I can figure out how to format it right on here.......