living death!

just wanted to let you know we are even further owned by shamrock because in bram stokers dracula the living death quote is there. this hurts so bad.

this does not change the fact that team shamrocks full of white hot flaming homosexuals.

lol nice

its your world geese. get'em

lol the world of white hot flaming homosexuals? I'll pass, but thanks.

you got me. lol

lol it was nice that you thought of me first though, lol. Thanks for that.

its what was there man. thats all. ;) the white hot things a nice touch right?

aaaaaahhhhhh hahaha


team ramcock ahahahah!!!

defense minister? aaaaaaaaahahaha!

thats funny shit.

oh shit.

hes mad at me....


well atleast we know Ken was running something because he sure wasnt running practice this season of TUF-  :) 

no joke, lg. how do you get in the hall of fame of a sport you dont know how to train for? how do you get on the team of a hall of flamer and turn out worse than you were before you started?
some shit just boggles the mind

lol at 'hall of flamer'

its too good to pass up.

RHM- in all honesty do you think that Shammy is doing his job as a coach?

lol the funny thing is that I think I'm supposed to be part of Team Shamrock, lmao.

The other day I asked in a thread if shamrock1fan was ever coming back, and the next thing I know he says I'm on the team, on a probationary basis, lol.

So, uh, watch it, keylock...because...yeah.

BTW RHM how did shamrock1fan's meeting with Shams go? Shammer was supposed to show up to the tournament?

puts on bowling shoes

Glad to see RHM's mixing it up a bit, I was getting tired of the Jerk Bitch line, Monkey Bitch is very refreshing.