Living in my car

I’ve been looking for a place for a while and everything is either full or out of price range. Paying $800/month in child support has made things pretty shitty. I was paying down debt to make things easier for when I find a place when my friend told me September 1st was move out day. That was August 20th. I had to give up my dog because I couldn’t find a place fast enough. So now I’m living in my car.

I have an anytime fitness membership so I have access to a shower. Usually I work 6-7 days a week so it’s not that bad but we’re off for the 3 day weekend and I’m completely lost on what to do. I wish I could just stay here at work but it’s not possible. I’m just looking for some advice. I’ve been talking to a realtor about buying either a townhouse or a condo. I’m hoping that works out but it’ll be a while for all of that.

I just need some advice if any of my OG brethren have it to offer…this is as close to rock bottom as I’ve been. Everyone else bailed on me. Family and friends. It’s just me out here. It hurts the more I think about it. I just need some advice if there is any to give


Are you not able to afford a cheap hotel for a few days? You mention buying a townhouse or condo so it doesn’t sound like you are completely broke.

If you can’t afford housing, your child support needs to be adjusted. The idea is not to have a homeless parent.

Anyway, good luck. Could be worse.


Good luck man. Like dhughes said, get a hotel at least for the weekend.


Where are you


Where are you located?


Been there several years ago
I found that using apps like hotwire and signing up for other rental sites would find me deals. Extended stay is 279. A week in Florida if you pay the 800 in support and say roughly 1200 a month on hotels you can get out of your car.
You also need to file an emergency order with the court of where you are for crisis relief and temp suspension or reduction for support. There’s not a judge in the land that wants you to sleep in your car.
Curious though …how are you able to see your kid(s) , are you seeing them? That’s the MOST important thing you can do right now


Like others on here…where you at bro??

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This is kind of important OP. lol


In for support, lived out a vehicle a few times in my life to “save money”.

The off time kills.



Not trying to be mean, is there a reason your family and friends have thrown in the towel with you? That would mess with me. Good luck to you.


First of all tell us where you’re at city and state. Then we will see what we can do for you for the weekend and we can’t help you if you don’t talk to us.


And if this is socks2.0 we’ll find you and kill you.

Help us to help you OP


I lived in a car that people were trying to repo for a bit.

Best thing I can say is extremely cliche but it is true.


You will survive. Its a temporary annoyance.


Go camping and fishing for the weekend.

Clean fish you catch and eat them. Enjoy your time with mother nature.


Getting child support adjusted is a nightmare in some states.


He has a good base though at least for temp reduction or suspension
I’m more concerned with the matter of is he seeing his kids

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757=Norfolk, VA.

The poor bastard!

No tell motel it on 58 or some place cheaper out in the middle of nowhere. You just need AC and a shower.

I’m in the Norfolk/Chesapeake/Va Beach area.

For the one who asked about my family and friends, my family has some serious mental problems…asked to set up a room for my daughter at his house and he snapped on me big time. I just wanted it to look like a room for the Guardian Leitem. That led to us not speaking again. My sister takes care of my mom who has severe dementia. She’s bedridden and can’t speak or eat. The stress my sister has been dealing with has made her very angry. I asked her if she could watch my dog while I was going through this and she blocked my number.

Was staying at a friends house for a couple months and he came to me on august 20th and said the 1st was move out day. He knew my situation about paying debt down…and this is a friend who has been at the brother level of friend. The room I was in is being turned into an office for his girlfriend to work from home. His attitude towards it was on the ass hole side and not a helping attitude.

I get to see my daughter for those who are wondering.


That completely sucks dude, but I’m sure you can get a second job with flexible hours to both fill your time and make some money. Easy enough to cover the $250 a week for an extended stay until you can figure the rest out.

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When i was a young lad in LA I went to the corkboard in the community center of UCLA and found students looking for roommates.

Shared a one bedroom with two strangers. No homo.

It was probably a couple hundred bucks a month if memory serves.

today they have the internet. guarantee you can find a room by sunday if you look.